Heavenly Visitors

It  was 2005, my marrige had broken up, my daughter was recovering from open heart surgury, and my other daughter had left school. I started to drink too much... It was all pretty tough. I was later to discover that my younger daughter  who was 15 at the time  felt i wasn't there for her emotionally, which at  the time i probably wasn't. I had come home late from work, daughters upstairs. I sat in the dining room by myself feeling really down and started to cry about my life and childhood, when suddenly there were 3 men sitting at the table with me. I was crying and telling one of the men how lost and down i felt. I didn't question where they came from, and didn't feel scared. The beautiful young man that was sitting near me, having listened to all my problems suggested that i go upstairs{it was quite late in the night at this stage] and tell my daughter that i love her and to give her a cuddle. I went upstairs to cuddle her and tell her that i love her, and she was awake with  her arms ready to embrace me. I told her i loved her, and the nice man down stairs told me to cuddle her and tell her i love her. Before she woke to embace me, she told me she had a dream, that a shining crusifix was coming near the back door, and that it was so powerful she was scared. She also told me she had prayed to god for me to cuddle her and be there for her. I Told her to come down stairs and meet the nice man, but when we went down they had gone. There chair was still in position facing the chair i sat on. My other daughter said to me that nobody came home with me. So after that i really knew deep down in my spirit that i was appeared to by angels, as my daughters prayers were answered. They had no wings, but i will never forget the angels face and mannerisims that i spoke to, he was like a great councillor. I don't understand why 3 of them appeared and only one spoke. I feel so blessed, and often think about that angel with the beautiful presence to this very day. I am a christian and have totally changed my life now, i serve God. I don't drink anymore, and have moved to Dublin, Ireland where i have a totally different life. I have had quite a few other spiritual experiences which i'll share another time. God bless.
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Thank for your story, its very sweet to hear, how they actually made the bound between you to better, and actually you yourself most of all. <br />
Can you tell me what the 'angels' face looked like ?<br />
<br />

Thank you for your truth. There are so many people that don't believe and when I mention to them to watch Fatima the movie to see the truth-----so many still do not accept the truth. I find praying the Rosary is such a great gift. Thanks again for sharing what you have experienced.