Transported And Lost Time

Walking home the other night a carload of guys went by and started hollering as they went by me.  As it was very early Sunday, and Saturday was St. Patrick's day, I just assumed it was a bunch of kids who had been partying and ignored them.  They turned around and came back by several times, always hollering and soon the car was swerving towards me.  I hid in the ditch the next few times they came by and tried to call someone to come pick me up but couldn't get through to either person I tried.  The last time I hid in the ditch, I got up and looked ahead and could see my intersection not far ahead.  I glanced around to make sure they weren't coming back and when I looked ahead again I was walking up on a different intersection, one about a half mile south of mine.  I had NOT walked past my road...yet there I was well past it.  This had seemingly happened in an instant.  I turned around and walked on home.  When I got home, I called a friend in another city just to have someone to talk to, as I was a bit freaked out.  It wasn't until later that day that I checked my phone to see when I had made my calls.  The first call was made at a bit after two am, the second a bit after three and the last one, after I got home was made just after four am.  I was never more than a mile or so from home and about halfway there when this all started, so in addition to suddenly being a half mile farther down the road, I somehow lost a good deal of time as well.    
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you got abducted didn't you

Wow. I don't hear many people who experience this sort of thing. Those I have heard it from call it Jumping or Sliding, sort of a time slip while moving from one place to the other. It is more commonly known as Teleporting which is a kenetic practice. This is interesting.

Thank you for that information. Maybe I can find out more by trying those terms, which I have never heard before.

Glad I could help. It sounds like something that would be great to master.

That is quite a strange experience.

It was!