Angel Feathers Appearing Out Of 'thin Air'.

Hi.  I am a Christian and as is normal Christianity I have experienced the spiritual realm and continue to do so.  I have conversed with angels, have dreams and visions of Jesus Christ and heaven.  Firstly I would like to tell about one of the most unbelievably believable incidences I have experienced.  I have never doubted my own eyes before this happened.

I was 20 years old and have been a Christian since I was a child.  I attended a church meeting in Abbotsford in Canada led by a man called Todd Bentley.  On the first night of the conference whilst the worship was playing I was at the front and noticed about 9 feathers falling.  There was a huge commotion and my first thought was 'how embarrassing, there must be a bird caught in the air conditioning or something'.  Then I looked up to see where the feathers were falling from.  I could not believe my eyes.  The room was about 40 feet high, about 10 feet below the ceiling there were feathers appearing, forming out of thin air, I kid you not.  To this day my logical mind can't get to grips with this but my memory tells me otherwise.  Todd Bentley said he saw an angel about 30 foot tall and he was manifesting these feathers as a sign.  As I was taller than most people there I reached up and got a feather, to this day I still have it.

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It's true that not all Christians open their eyes to see the wonders that occur in the world around them. I found your story very heart warming by the way :) I as well, am a Christian and have experienced some things as well. However, catching an Angel's feather would absolutely be an incredible experience.<br />
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Thanks for sharing your experience- God bless :)

Beautiful Story.. We have recently and still occasionally see Feathers falling from thin Air at our past residence. We are not Christians and do not wish to partake on any Religious Battles with anyone. Although I can hold my own. My point in speaking ANYONE who LOVE God can see and receive these miraculous Feathers. As I have not been to a church in years. I call upon Angels of Love and Light, and they appear, with their warmth and closeness. Any one can call on them! I believe at one time when times were a bit rough..We saw them fall everyday just about..More then once a day. We don't see them as much.. but they still Fall! Love GOD and keep your 100% pure Angels near..As your Guardians Angels are always and will be, just ask them to come closer.

Why would a large beautiful feather be laying in the hall of a mans hospital room when he is about to die. All I know is I now own that feather and that man didnt die after all but his condition states that he should have been dead. Thank You GOD!!!

Def suggest you grasp what hezpa said and ask god about that!

A skeptic would have no trouble dismissing your experience as hoax or fantasy. I myself have had some limited personal experience with physical manifestations of the supernatural world. Typically' if someone wasn't there (& maybe if they were) they wouldn't believe it. Thats the nature of it. <br />
As a side note, I have not encountered many christians open to mystical experiences. You should cultivate this state of mind as it will open many doors into a deeper awareness of both the nature of your faith and your roll in it.

Wow! is there oxygen on ur world of christian MYTHOLOGY?

Fab story! thank you for sharing!! :-) xxxxxxxx

well if you've ever read the Bible I think you'll find the supernatural was totally normal and common, so it should be now

... I don't think that's normal for Christianity... I myself have only had one dream where I talked to God, and I'm still not entirely sure that it wasn't the result of too many nachos before bed.<br />
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But that's still too cool...