The first time i saw a harbinger of something to come was a few weeks before my maternal grandmother's death. I had recently been to visit her and after one look knew her time in this world was short. Her aura was blotchy and there was a dark line running through it that i had not previously seen. I dont often percieve auras unless i concentrate very hard or have a deep personal connection with someone. My grandmother had been reduced to using a scooter to get around the house for sometime and a few months after my last visit she was hospitalized. She had a prolonged stay and there was increasingly little hope she would return home. One day while my friends finished a meal at a local eatery, I went out side to smoke a cigarette. There was a busy street in front of the building and as i leaned on the wall watching the traffic i noticed a very strange thing. There was an old woman in a hospital gown sitting on a scooter trying to cross the street. This odd figure had her back to me and I just stood there looking at her. Finally she turned her head and looked at me. She had my grandmother's face. She looked exactly like her in every detail but one. her eyes had no pupils and they were black. They were just two pools of darkness staring at me in place of her eyes. I had read of such things and I recognized this as a "shade," a harbinger of death. i just stood there and finished my smoke with this thing staring at me with its black eyes the whole time. It didn't go away and so I went back inside and rejoined my friends. I didn't say anything about the encounter. What was there to say? Not long after that I was driving to my parents house when I very suddenly began thinking about my grandmother in the hospital. She was in a lot of pain and I felt that I had to go to her and tell her that it was ok to let go and leave the pain behind. I had to tell her that death was not the end and not to be afraid. When I reached my parents home I was greetrd with the news that my aunt had just called to say my grandmother had passed away. When I asked when she died they told me it had only been about half an hour. Almost the exact time I had been thinking of her on the drive over. When my paternal Grandfather's 2nd wife passed, i was home alone and in the middle of what i was doing stopped and began thinking of her for several minutes. It was curious enough for me to remember it later that night when my dad called to tell me she had died.
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This is very informative. I have never heard of this phenomena before but have experienced it. Had I name for it perhaps my fate would have been different. I think it is sort of like an omen, though in cases like yours of course it was not meant that you can do anything about the situation- but just a warning or something...