The Life That Once Was (my Poem)

i don't got much money
but you don't have to look down
give me a nickel
so i could turn around
as my pain didn't mean nothing
in my face
your money you was counting
walking by with a laugh so loudly
but with this nickel
i made it into something

stand still, i'm coming home
hope is all i got
as the lights start to dim
i'm fading to a better world

as richer i get with fortune
time unfolds the forgotten
my eyes become weaker
thinking about the life
that kept me in the bottom
the memories remain
the smiles are broken
only to live off the edge
we use to live in unity
where everyone
had a piece of the bread
now i walk on looking ahead

here i am
i've built my castle
the castle of silence
were i ponder my thoughts through the day
my nightmares, she formed me into a monster
well listen world! i shouted
one day i will dwell within you
believe in the hope that pulls me through
i am the artist of disaster
but i am no fool
dont live a life without doubt
the fortunate life will betray you

while deep inside my castle
i look outside my window
looking at the beautiful people
peaceful as they live a life
of betrayal and happiness
and as i look once more in my window
i saw a lonely child crying
with a cry that sounded soar
i ran up to him
he said i had nothing to live for
i gave him my nickel that once gave me hope,prosperity,trust
i gave him my life that once was.

joe0ner joe0ner
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 28, 2009

hey thank you for comment<br />
i will try to do something in the near future<br />
i have a creative mind that will never end<br />
but this stuff is true though<br />
stay up man!!