VRIs are what makes us sometimes get "turned around" or "lost" for a moment. Like when we come out of a store franchise from a different town. Sometimes I visualize the store as it is at my normal location and when I come out, I have no memory of walking in. That is when I forget where I parked the car. Not that I wasn't paying attention! But, since I've been doing this involuntarily since a child, I have created four different "versions of the world". Apparently, it is due to the four directions N, S, E, and W. But, I can't relate everything to that since these "different worlds" were seen first before I knew my directions. Each world also has distinct memories that go with them, just as if they took place at a different location. I can even go into my mind when I'm visiting the house I grew up in and "update" myself in each place with changes in my life. This sounds almost like a disorder, but after searching for what I've names "seems" (as a child everything seemed different) I finally found out that I'm not alone!!!
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Who else knows what I'm talking about??? It takes me forever to learn my way around someplace new. It's like seeing the same place up to four different ways and you never know when it will change.