My Expericence In Crowded Bus


My expericence in crowded bus


I would like to share my experience in the crowded bus today. I dont know why but i started liking to touch my **** on girls *** in the crowded bus. I google out this thing and found that it is know as chikan in japanese language.

Today i travelled by bus to my office and can say was a very good day start for me. As i was waiting for the bus, It was long time the bus which i want to take didnt arrived due to that there was a huge crowd gathered on the bus stop. Looking around so many people i was wondering are these people will take the same bus. As it was a sunny day, i was sweating like hell. Finally the bus arrived and within no seconds the bus was full. I some how manage to get inside the bus. The best part was a pretty fair girl wearing skirt was standing in front of me and i with no air gap sticking to it. Suddenly with no doubt by natural phenomena by **** started growing hard on her ***. I started feeling uncomfortable as what that girl will think about this. I tried to control my **** not to touch her ***. But as there was not enough space to move and the bus sometimes moves up and down which make my **** touched her right left *** continuously. I tried sometimes to remove but the bus was so much crowded i cant find the space and after sometime i just put my hot **** on that girls *** for long time thinking let it be i cannot help it. Surprisingly that girl didnt say any word nor she said anything. Just wondering whether she can feel or not my ****. That 10mins, when my **** was on that girls ***, was very....... ghoosh i cannot say that in words. My **** was straight like a big bamboo tree beating the *** when bus moves up and down. My stop came after sometime and i comeout just thinking whether she release what happen today or not ?.

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it happened to me. Once i got into a crowded bus and stood behind a plumpy woman. at first i didnt even notice her. then as more crowd got into bus..i had no choice but to rub against her. she was short and plumpy and middle aged (any where 35 to 45). as time went by my rod grew in length and got throbbing. she first tried to move away but then due to no space she just stood there. she was wearing salwar and kameez. I slowly lifted her salwar and thrust my hip. she was quite. it was at this point i just pulled down my zip and my rod was throbbing out. i kept on thrusting at her rear between her thighs from behind. she just stood like a statue. and at one point poured hot *** on her thighs....and it was then she gave a dirty look....i moved away

i never had that experience...but i know this happens a lot in the crowded bus....i seen some guys disparately going to crowded bus just to have fun by pressing or squeezing girls *** or boobs.... personally i hate that.