I Witnessed A Robbery Last Night

Just as I was walking into my local pharmacy last night a guy went running out and the pharmacist yelled "code" something, didn't quite hear it, and the guy went flying out the door. I did get a decent look at him before the pharmacist said anything. So I had to spend the next 2 hours!!! talking to the police and at first they treated me as a suspect and not a witness until the pharmacist said she knew me. I had to give them my account of what happened 3 times and of course describe the robber. My description was spot on as this morning I saw the surveillance photo in the local papers on line edition. In college I took a criminology course and always remember the time we went over beeing an eyewitness to a crime. Just when the class started a guy ran into the class & grabbed the prof's bag from his table and ran out. The prof then asked everyone to describe the person and after that was done the guy came back in (in was a fake robbery but looked real) so we could see how we described him. Some people weren't even close.
This was the first time I had ever seen an actual robbery and that class taught me well.
Gyummy Gyummy
51-55, M
Jan 26, 2011