I called a chick ugly in freshman year, to be honest she it but hey I know I shouldn't've done it, it wasn't right, and she didn't deserve it.
But the whole thing escalated, she was in one of my classes, you can literally feel that awkwardness in the air, later on she tried to get her little fat *** short friend to fight me. Of course I didn't cause it was done and over with all I know now is that she can't fight her own battles.
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You are way too mean is what you should've learnt

I'm not mean, everybody at school says I'm to nice. This was beginning of freshman year like in September. I'm a junior now.

Yeah but you just don't go around calling people ugly

I don't, I've never done that until that day. And I don't do that now

Ok that's good

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Just say sorry

This wax freshman year were juniors now and I've already apologized.

Must have been hard to do

I didn't like her but not really.

Meh it's like how people constantly walk up to me and say ni hao because I'm Asian

That's pretty stupid of them, what do you say to them?

I just say yes hello

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