Adrift In A Sea Of Idiocy Without A Vest

Office technical work is not exactly my forte.  Which is rather unfortunate since I AM an office technician.

Also not my forte:  meeting planning and coordination.  Particularly when the topic is something as mind-numbingly dull as the "strategic transmission investment plan.".  (I think this had something to do with state energy consumption strategies but since I kept falling asleep during the proceedings, I'm probably not the best source of information.)  The only thing that I managed to transmit during this snooze-fest was my complete ineptitude as a virtual meeting host:  I was such a pinhead that I couldn't even remember my password to get the meeting up and running.  (In my peripheral vision I observed my boss doing a facepalm as he watched my struggle -- yep, I'm completely screwed.)

This is why introspective, artsy-fartsy types such as myself should never be left unattended around a laptop and a few vague instructions on how to make high-tech things happen.  Four hours later, minus a gallon of sweat and my last ounce of pride, I made a rushed retreat out the hearing room's side door.  I can only hope that that most of the audience assumed I'd been hired as comic relief. 

In a dearth of self-worth, my career circling the drain, and the vultures circling the sky, I hang my head in humiliation and hope that a weekend of mindless debauchery will make things all better ...


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6 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Me too. Read the story, empathised all the way and ... nothing. Now am wondering what happened on monday and subsequently. Are you still in the same job?

Oooh, no; I left The Job From Hell almost one year ago to this very day. Horrible, dreadful, awful experience; and that's an understatement. Currently in the process of trying to find a job where I can make a more positive contribution. More easily said than done in this continuously awful economy, however. Thanks for commenting ...

Loved your story. Made me remember a time when I too was an "office person" and worked for a man whose favorite phrase was "stochastic paradigms." I used to tape the meetings and then transcribe them at home. What a laugh!! I got fired after six weeks, thank God. LOL

Ah the epic screw up. Yes, been there done that. Now they don't let me get into those kind of situations. "You need some help? Of course you do! Here take...fill in tthe blamk...with you and she will help". They do it for me. Nice. Really.

You do realize that most people fit this general description, hence the utterly ridiculous state of competence of our current society, right?<br />
<br />
A job is like a lottery to most. Apply and hope they get hired. Qualifications be damned.

I think koyptakh is right on the humor part of it. You, or somebody, could write a wicked skit around that experience. I DO know what you mean about techno stuff. I'm still in the Bronze Age! I was impressed that you grasped (the former virgin's?) question about properties/relationships/philosophies, whatever, I had no clue what she was getting at. (oh ya, logic). You obviously have a penetrating mind, so I was surprised at your admission of seemingly utter defeat at work.Hope all stays well for you. Look forward to your future posts. Very best regards, Zhafar

Hi JanIAm1031<br />
wow! I have forgotten my PIN at a supermarket and so have experienced that sort of mental block. The pressure of there being a queue of people just makes remembering anything impossible! Your situation sounds awesome! Such moments are sort of amazing if you emotionally decouple. Anyway this is what humor is made for! it makes anything survivable! Have a great weekend. update your story after please!<br />