This was the most amazing dream of my life, BY FAR.
I had this dream about 4 years ago.

It began like this...

I was lying down at the local Siesta Key Beach on a towel in the sand. Bed posts were erected out of the sand at the four corners around me. Each with sheer silk drapes tied to their tops, blowing in the warm ethereal breeze which surrounded me. I was experiencing Nirvana and felt completely blissed out, this was my ideal paradise that I was experiencing!
While lying down basking in the ambiance of my surroundings, out of the brush close to my left came riding up on a brown horse the famous and deceased Heath Ledger. He stopped about 10 feet away and jumped down off of the horse. He stood there for a moment, looking down at me. After a few moments he walked over and gracefully draped himself over me only so that we were gazing into each others eyes. It was so dramatized and felt heartwarming . After a few long moments of basking in this blissful feeling of coming together in a very deeply embracing & loving connection, I had suddenly realized just how impossible it all was starting to seem. The bed posts, the weather, the bliss, the ecstasy, the celebrity who rode up to me on a horse... I couldn't believe that Heath Ledger of all people, was deciding to be right here and with me! I was astounded that we were sharing such an intimately entrancing moment together!
I then quickly realized that he couldn't have possibly really been there because he had in reality just very recently passed away from a drug overdose (this had been all over the news and I suddenly recalled seeing it). I immediately told him what I had just realized. He did not understand at first, and he did not believe me. I had to remind him of his passing and how it had happened. I had to tell him that he had been all over the news for dying so young, so famous. he fell into sadness and my emotions followed him with empathy. At some point in the middle of this I realized the only explanation for this circumstance would be that I must have been dreaming, and so I told him that I had just realized that I was dreaming. He accepted his death and the cause of it. He told me that he didn't mean to leave his daughter that way, and a visual flicker of a thought of news stations and his ex wife flew by as if he were quickly filled in and got to watch the media coverage. He began to cry and so did I, we were full of sadness and acceptance. Quickly in our realization that this would be the only time we'd ever have together we decided to explore the dream world and experience just being together in this oh so rare and incredibly REAL scenario. We walked around and inside the different lifeguard shacks on the beach. He would get distracted by all the different objects, people and places we were exploring in the dream so I had to keep reminding him of the very little rare quality time we had together in the dream world. I had to bring his focus back to our decreasing time limit so that we could fully take advantage of the small fraction of time we were allotted to have together. He didn't get distracted too often though maybe 3 times tops. Every time though, that I had to remind him to bring his consciousness back to us and the reality of our situation, we had conversations that I know were great however I cannot remember. I think I asked him other life questions that he didn't know the answer to.
This dream was fully conscious.
We both realized the actuality of the whole thing, and it was truly remarkable!
Mquo Mquo
18-21, F
Aug 20, 2014