Getting Tested

My first time getting tested for STDs was when I was 21. I had recently become ...very... sexually active.

I scheduled an appointment with the male sexual health doc at the university clinic. I have never been as comfortable with women doctors.
Went in to the clinic and there was the usual check in, nursing student takes your vitals, etc. After a bit of a wait, the doctor finally came in. And man, was he attractive. Mid 40's, dark hair, grey around the temples, dark eyes, medium height, bit of a belly. He was wearing a white lab coat over white pants and a button shirt. He greated me with a big smile.

We went through the questionaire - how many sexual partners, men or women, what types of activities.... He gave me a little smirk when I said I had been with men.

Then we moved into the physical part of the examination. "Go ahead and sit down on the examination table now," he said. My **** gave a twitch in my pants. "You can go ahead and drop your pants." My **** twitched again.
I left my pants by the chair and moved to the table. The white paper crackled as I sat down. He ran through some vitals with me, running his hands over different parts of my body. Then he said, "Stand and drop your shorts" refering to my underwear. At this point they were already tenting up a bit.
I took a deep breath, nervious about being hard infront of the doc, and bit the bullet. I pulled down my boxers revealing my hardening ****.
The doct sat down in a stool and grabbed a rubber glove. He rolled closer until he was a foot away from my crotch. Then to my dismay, he couldn't get the glove on his hand! I stood there in only a t-shirt while the doc struggled for what felt like 10 minutes to get a glove on his hand. He gave the cutest little chuckle at himself and my **** burst to life. It sprang to a full 6.5 inch erection. I was super embarassed, but the doc did not say anything.

He finally got the glove on one hand and asked me to hold up my shirt, revealing more of my hairy stomach and pubes.
The doctor did a visual examination of my **** and balls, then moved in for more. His gloved hand grabbed my penis and felt it up for irregularities. He reached the head, touched it with one finger. As he pulled it away I could see a strand of precum string between his finger and my throbbing ****. He gave me a look of concern and asked, "Is this a drip or precum?"
"Precum." I responded softly. The doctor gave me a reassuring smile.
He went back to work, feeling around my balls and shaft.

After a little while he pulled off his glove and threw it in the trash, stating that I could put my underwear back on.

I bulked up on courage and asked him something I had been too affraid to ask my family doctor before. I had something in my nut sac, above my right testicle that felt like it could be a third nut. I finally decided to ask him about it.

Then both hands went to my groin, feeling around. He did not even bother putting gloves back on. The doctor felt around my nuts until he found it. He spent a moment touching around it.

He finally stood and placed a hand on my shoulder. The doctor told me I have nothing to worry about, and it is likely just a spermicidle cyst. As he stood I noticed a very large bulge in his pants and a wet spot too, very noticeable with his white pants!

I smiled at him and he smiled back. He told me I could go ahead and get dressed. We finished up the exam and he gave me a bag of condoms and lube.

As I was leaving he told me to get tested again in six months to a year, and email him if I have any questions.
I left his office hatching a plan of how I could seduce him at my next visit....which is a story for another time.
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sexy story it has me hard as a rock

kinda hot rendition of a medical encounter ...<br />
good luck on yer six month recheck<br />
- rip