Arousal During Physical Exam

For many years going back to my college days, I searched for an opportunity to volunteer my body for medical study. Finally, when I was 39 years of age, I discovered an ad seeking male volunteers not older than 40 years of age. I called the number in the ad and the study was explained to me in detail. The study involved method of sample collection from the male genitals to develop better culture samples for diagnosis of HPV (the herpes virus). The study required 6 visits over 12 months. The requirements for the study was that male volunteers were required to be sexually active with one or multiple partners for the entire duration of the study and not have symptoms or diagnosis of HPV. The study was to collect information on people known to not have HPV and compare the same collection methods with known HPV infected people. I had one steady female partner the entire time as required.

On the first visit, a questionnaire was required to be filled out asking many detailed questions about sexual activity. After the questionnaire was a physical exam which was only a blood test and a genital swab of the testxxxxx, recxxx area, and pexxx. Since the test came back negative (no HPV) a few days later, the study lab called me and invited me to continue to participate in the study. They emphasized to remain sexually active. They also explained the same nurse would be with me during the entire study period. The nurse on my first visit was a very nice, plain looking female in her 50's. She was in good shape and had a very nice personality.

I went in several weeks later for my second visit. During my first visit, I was kind of nervous and did not get an erexxxxx even though there was about 4 minutes of aggressive swabbing being done on my pexxx, testxxxxx and recxxx area. I always wanted to have an erexxxxx during a physical to explore "tabxx" areas. A few months prior to starting this study, I had a routine physical exam and the doctor just received a sample pack of Viaxxx. I asked if I could try it and he said it was O.K. I had never tried Viaxxx before and I was certain it was probably not going to work anyway so I wasn't too concerned about actually getting an erexxxxx. However, about 45 minutes prior to arriving for my second HPV study visit, I took a normal dose of Viaxxx. Of course, nothing happened - at first anyway.

When I went in the exam room and the nurse told me to remove my pants and underwear, I could feel an erexxxxx starting. The nurse began to swab my testxxxxx, rexxxx area and pexxx. I immediately became very erexx and was very nervous about it. While the nurse was swabbing my pexxx, she held my pexxx very firmly to move it around to allow her to swab everywhere on it. I was so nervous and now embarrassed that I apologized for being erexx. She immediately and with a smile said "Oh no, don't worry about it. It's actually easier to do the swabbing because the skin is smoother. Also, I am required to swab thoroughly the head of your pexxx and corxxx area. I wish the other males got firm erexxxxx too because it would make my job a lot easier but you are the only one that does." After she finished swabbing, she needed to draw blood and instructed me to lie down on the table. She did not say to get dressed. I had such a raging erexxxxx, I did not want to put my clothes back on yet. I asked her if it was o.k. if I lay on the table nuxx while the erexxxxx subsides. She said "Absolutely, that will be fine". For the next 7 or 8 minutes, I lay there with an erexxxxx while she talked to me and drew blood. I knew the erexxxxx would finally subside when she stuck the needle in me. By the time she was finished, the erexxxxx subsided.

For the last 10 visits, I always took a Viaxxx prior to my appointment. The nurse always commented on how my pexxx being erexxx made her job easier.

Interestingly, after the 5th visit, I received a call from the same office asking if I would participate in a concurrent study they were doing. I agreed and they said I would see the same nurse for it too. The concurrent study was just a one time visit. They tried to explain to me what it was for but I never understood it. They explained it involved providing a semxx sample collected at home in a provided cup within 3 hours of my visit. They further explained that during the visit, I had to agree to allow the nurse to insert a metal wire treated with some chemical (I don't know what it was) 1.5 inches into my uretxxx and another type of swab 3 inches into my recxxx. Of course agreed to all this.

I gladly provided the semxx sample in the cup and went to the office for the visit. Of course, since it was going to be the same nurse, I took another Viaxxx and of course was very erexx as soon as I undressed in front of the nurse. She took the samples as advertised and inserted a long cotton swab into my recxxx and then the thin metal wire into my urexxxx. The cotton swab was of no consequence but the metal wire was a little painful but lasted only about 10 seconds. It worked out though and was once again a very enjoyable experience.

I don't have any more Viaxxx and I don't really need it either. However, I still have a female doctor for a yearly physical I am required to have. I don't get fully erexx but I will begin to engorge while she does the testxxx exam and hernia check. By the way, neither the testxxx exam or hernia check are required but she always insists on doing them. Hmmm...

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Good for you!