Embarassing Erection During Physical Exam

I went in for a regular physical exam when I was 14. The first thing I did when I went in to the the doctors exam room was to take off everything but my underwear. I was wearing white briefs, like all kids back then. He check my height and weight on the scale, and then I sat down on the table and he looked at my ears and stuff.

The he told me to lie on my back. I was nervous, but I was doing fine until then. He listened to my chest, but then he started feeling all around my stomach. And after a few seconds of that I got hard as a rock. I'm not super large now, and I was smaller then, but there was no way to hide it, it must have been obvious.

He had me stand up and sat on a stool right in front of me. I knew the worst humiliation was coming. He pulled my underpants down to my thighs, so I was naked right in front of me, and started touching my balls, then did the cough test.

The worst thing was when he said I could pull my underpants up, I looked down and there was a wet spot at the end of my penis.

He never said anything. I'm just glad it wasn't a woman doctor!
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Love your story ! I haven't had an erection during a medical exam, but they sure turn me on. Had my army medical some years ago ... but would somehow like to relive them ... with a little extra ...

Thank you for this post. My first Dr. visit was when I was 8. I had a hard time urinating, it was just drops, so it took a long time to empty. my mother held one leg, the nurse held the other and my dad held my shoulders. The Dr. took a steel rod, pushed it up my urinary tract, I though I would die. When the ladies left, he told my
dad that I really needed circumcised. Dad say no. I sat on the edge of the table while he pushed my foreskin back. He cleaned it and began a slow buy painful stretch.
He told Dad and me that I needed to stretch it for 15 min. I did. By the time of my follow up visit, my foreskin would roll back very easy. Then he explained how important it was to keep it clean. He showed he how to clean it. This when I got so hard it hurt. He wrapped his hand around it, squeezed it and you are going to make someone happy. I really didn't know what he meant. The whole process was embarrassing.