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I went to the doctor when I was about twelve to see if I was developing well. The layout of the office was a rather large room with a desk and an examining table. I sat with my mother and answered all the questions while the doctor was at his desk. He then told me to undress completely. My mother asked me if I wanted her to stay in the room, I told her no. So she left and I removed all my clothing and got on the examining table nude. He then pulled a small cart with measuring tools next to me. He measured my head and feet. He had me lay down and measured my torso, arms, hands, and legs. Then measured my testicles with calipers. During this part I started to get erect, I squirmed trying to fight it. He noticed and said relax because he needs to measure my He fondled my p...s until it was hard. He then had me hold the tape measure against my pubic bone while he held my erect pe... up and pulled the tape to get a measurement. That was the end of the exam. I was very close to when he played with my pe... ensuring it was fully erect. After I dressed he discussed his findings with my mother, even mentioning my pe..s size.
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I feel like I missed out

It seemed like i was nude for twenty minutes while he measured everything. He also took photos, not sure why.

he must have jacked to them later

I never heard of a doctor making such complete measurements, but do know they usually check the "erection response" on boys in early puberty. Saw our family physician do it on each of my sons for about 4 or 5 years between 9 and 13