When I Was About Maybe 5 Or 6

One night my parents told my brother and I that they were going on a date that night, so they dropped us off at out paternal grandparents house for the night. As I was asleep, I had a dream where my maternal grandmother was laying in a hospital bed after having surgery, with my aunt and mother in the room, and just outside of the room was my father. The next morning I just brushed it off as if it were only a dream. then a few years ago, my parents asked me if I remembered anything about her, since she had passed away in October of 1996 and I told them that the only thing that I remember about her was the dream that I had. my mother asked me what the room looked like, and as I was describing it, my parents look at each other in utter awe because I described what the room looked like exactly. and when I finished they told me that it really happened and it wasn't a dream.
NDR1987 NDR1987
26-30, M
Jan 12, 2013