When I have a projection, I always see someone, and when I do it, I never know who that person is, but I always end up meeting the person or its family when that person isn't in our space anymore.

But I never tell the person or its family about my projections and sometimes I see things that make sense to the family and to those who miss their loved ones, should I tell the person and their families what I see, or be quiet and enjoy?
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u ever tried to change ur decision in astral world , like where to fly or whom to see,, or just act what first thot u get ..

When I try to, I always get in weird places... a few nights ago I got in a mountain that actually exists with someone that means a lot to me, the projection didn't make sense at the time, but knowing that was a real place and being there with somebody I can't explain everything to, leaves me in a position that I can "guide" that person to a better path just giving him tips about his life decisions without being a "wicth"

Cool ,yeah it's a good idea to keep it quiet. It seems though that you have an astral semi precognition experience , for me I just see and experience stuff really although I can also do some stuff like influence people with telepathy ,msg me if your interested in talking about your experiences.

I've had some crazy experiences, most of them didn't make sense at the time but later, there is always something related to that.
For example, some day, I projected to India, to the margins of a long river and sat there watching some traditional colorfull boats, a few months later I met an Indian guy, and he showed me pictures from his city, and there was the river and the boats :)
That was a funny experience but I've been projected to unknown people events, like accidents, funerals... crazy stuff

Yeah but there is a way to actually control your projections you know if you wanted to , I mean for i used to astral project spontaneously , unfortunately it stopped (due too some stuff that happened) and have been trying to get it back for a long time , although I can do many other things , like see stuff before it happens , know about stuff I normally wouldn't , and I'm able to influence people telepathically if I want to (though I don't normally cause it's wrong) ,plus a whole other bunch of stuff l astral projection what I've been trying to get back , I know why it doesn't work normally , just that the reason why is not something that is easy to deal with.

I can project only at night, but I go far away, to places I've lived before where I see what's going on there, sometimes it's night time and I see that place as if I was there during the day, for example I know the people who live in the house I lived before, and sometimes I see snakes there, sometimes I'm alone there, sometimes I find other creatures, not always good company...
A lot of times in my projections, I see kids, and in "this plane" I'm not good with them, but in the astral plane we get along, that's funny.

The snakes are most probably your mind as most of the time stuff like that stuff is from the mind as the astral plane is influenced easy by your thoughts (I know the type of stuff that is usually made from people's thoughts ) , as for the creatures their just astral beings that exist on the plane, and those ones that you see that are completely black and you feel bad around them are demons ,though there not that bad , as I've had experience with them (and talked to some,yeah I've done allot) ,and they mostly leave you alone if you leave them alone.
As for the kids the reason you get along with them when astral, is because your not actually interacting with them , but kind of with their subconscious , their nature or essence , which means they deep inside them their ok with you , but in here on earth it means their personal problems and pain of whatever they have suffered in life causes them to act badly with you.
(Btw I some of what I wrote ,is from random knowledge I'm getting in my mind ,as I'm writing).

When I was a kid I used to project a lot and get scared, I didn't know idea where I was, until the day I had an OBE, I was 9 I think, I thought I was death and going to the sky, then I turned around and saw my family in the sofa.
But most of the time I project to very low planes, where there are white angels and missguided creatures but I don't feel bad there though, because from there I always end up in a higher plane, it feels like I need to visit them.

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i suggest keep it quiet unless you know them really well.