Beautiful Stranger

november 23th 2009

i was in waterbooom bali with my mom,my cousins and my aunties. i saw him walked with his little sister. first time i saw him  i didnt feel something.i had a lot of fun in there. after simming and playing with almost all slides,i took a rest in kiddie pool while playing water with my cousin. i saw him with his family. i forget who started,but we stared each other. i feel i'm so into him. he got the most beautiful blue eyes i ever seen.and  he seems to be introverted and really care bout his sister.. he's skinny boy with dirty blonde (or brown hair i forget). he's not really handsome but his eyes are so penetrating. it;s just like i can;t lie to him. i let all my feeling flow when i see him. but i didnt have any courage to ask him name.finally he had to go and we stare each other for the last time. i wanted to say don't go or HEY but i couldnt . fool me,i didnt even know his name. i still hope to find;s kinda dull story but it;s truth. i love im till now for the reason i can't understand
firslover firslover
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2010