The Day I Met My Man ! :)

I’ve always heard people talk about love at first sight but i never realized back then i would be one among them someday too. Am a 21 year old female..

My story goes back to 3 my college.. he was my college senior and a guitarist too. I've heard of many people speak about him as a guitarist but i never knew who this guy was.

It was one day in September..During a celebration at college..i saw him stand there...i don’t really know if he was waiting for his friends or someone else but outta all the music, noise and laughter arising inside the campus which was part of the celebration..he looked serene. I didn’t realize it was the same guy my friends spoke about. He had the cutest smile i ever saw. Although he wasn’t bothered to look at me ,i felt for the the first time of my life.. "Love at first sight" the moment he accidentally looked at me for a sec and turned away soon..

The handsome face of all i saw in the campus, his face showed what you say true patience ,reminded me of those handsome princes with such characteristics which i used to read during my childhood days and yeah that's exactly how i described him. A prince from a fairy tale. So true!
The moment i saw him..i felt love, i felt happiness from nowhere, my heart beat to see him again and again.

Till i left college that day after the celebration i stood somewhere or the other where he was there to just see him and before i left to my hostel, as i was waiting in the college bus, I saw him again..And i don’t know how..But he noticed me in the bus, he smiled to me or i guess he did. At least he looked at me
..Yeah..! i told myself he is handsome...and am in love !!! :)

That whole night i couldn’t sleep, i didn’t feel hungry, my thoughts were all about this guy, didn’t know who he was ,what’s his name or anything but i was in love. !!! :)

And finally...after a month’s wait after the break, one of my bestie introduced us and that's when i realized he is that one guitarist others told me about..and yea i love guys who plays guitar ! :D ;) but above all .i love him..and i wanted to be his :)

We became friends....and after another two months...he finally proposed me as i wanted...and today we are a happy couple by Christ's blessing and happily waiting for the marriage.. :) And yeah..He’s the man i been waiting all these years!! ;)

And yeah love you so much baby ! I love you way more than you really know ! :)
Nishathomas Nishathomas
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1 Response May 18, 2012

i love your beautiful, reminds me of a guy i met 5 days ago, i fell in love instantly and he plays the guitar too. :)

Lovely story. I am a guitarist so loved this especially. I met the love of my life (she's also a musician) about a month ago. The first time we actually hung out was at a play about people who meet and fall in love overnight, by the end of the play they are engaged. After the play we spent the night in each other's company...and life imitated art. Within the first hour we both just knew. It was as if every cell in our bodies was screaming "YES!" - I looked at her and saw my future, the one I thought I was crazy for missing all these years. Today I bought a ring, and seeing as she has already told me to "hurry up and marry her" - giving it to her when she finishes work will be the simplest, most natural thing I have ever done. Finding these stories is such a blessing, and necessary for the pure of heart to have to refer to to remind us we're not crazy or overly sentimental but calmly and simply in-touch with the obvious inevitability of soulmates finding each other. It does happen, you just need Faith and Patience. And to love yourself first, so that it may be shared rather than taken. Thanks for sharing. Love to you all. Cameron and Chelsea - March 2014