1st Day Of 8 Th Grade

i saw theis lady drive in with her son and i wonder if he would be a freind or a bully

a little bite later i was called to the office to act as a escort for the new student and we bonded right off

and we became best friends for many month as slow that friend ship started to change really hard to explane but one wensday night i was called off to the side by his mother and told she was 100% against this but she told me the truth

and our lifes changed for ever the firt timei saw the real young lady that was hiding

roberta was a very rare person and a docotr made the choice to make them a boy

we married at age 13 and had a great life till her death at age 19
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
May 18, 2012