Something at first sight

I am an old guy, I've been through the mill and around the block more than once, I thought that love at first sight was a romantic illusion, a symptom of a mind in need, or perhaps two minds in need, but now I'm not so sure. I can't call my experience 'Love' at first sight, but it was certainly something at first sight.
It happened at the end of the summer of 2012, in the small town of Mammoth in southwest Montana. My mom recently acquired a small house there that she planned to use for family get togethers, reunions and weekend getaways. As the relative living closest to the house, and the one with the most experience in working on houses, I inherited the job of fixing the few things that were wrong with it and coming up with a plan to make it more viable for our purposes. As such I spend a fair amount of time over there working on it, and we (my wife and I) also spend time on weekends there with the grandkids.
The community was having an end of summer party at one of the neighbors, and we were invited the day before, so we decided to attend.
There were more people there than I expected, though some of them were people who came in the summers and hadn't left yet, and all the people who live there year 'round (all six of them).
I was carrying something to contribute to the meal, our hostess was leading me through a somewhat crowded living room, to the kitchen, and making introductions along the way. There were several people she introduced me to, though I can't begin to remember any names, except for one.
I distinctly remember the name Tammy, but I'm not entirely sure that Tammy was her name. She was standing on the other side of a table loaded with good things to eat when I looked up at her and for an instant our eyes met.
You know how when someone looks at you you can usually tell that they are thinking about something else, not through telepathy or anything arcane, but just from body language and little gestures? It's a comfortable thing, they feel secure enough with you that they can afford to think about other things that are more important, and I find it comfortable too, that I am accepted so casually.
With this girl, who I'm provisionally calling Tammy, because that's the last name I heard before it happened, it was completely different. She was looking at me with an intensity that I have never felt before. It was like she was looking at inner part of me, that I was the complete focus of her attention, and I have never had anyone look at me that way. All I can see in my memory is her eyes, I have only impressions of the rest of her, her hair, brunette I think, her clothes some dark color, but if it were a dress or a sweater and jeans I really have no clue. I think she was attractive, but I really don't know, I can only recall her eyes.
I thought it lasted no more than a second, but I'm not positive, it could have been longer. In that brief time I felt a real sadness, it seemed to me that I had just found something precious but something I could never know. On thinking about it later I realized that she must be pretty intelligent, and she certainly had to be very perceptive, no one could gaze at another person that way and not be.
I broke the gaze, and continued on into the kitchen, by the time I went back through the living room she was gone, and I didn't see her again the rest of the afternoon, nor have I seen her since.
Since that time I think about her quite often, during the day, or waking in the middle of the night. I wonder what she is like, and what she is interested in. I wonder if she felt anything in that second, I'd like to think so because it seemed to me that we had a complete conversation in that instant but I have no idea what it was about, only that I didn't want it to end. I wonder if she would even like me, if we were to meet again, or just consider the experience an aberration, an odd occurrence devoid of meaning. I suspect I'll never know
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"we had a complete conversation in that instant" i really like your use of words to describe how it was when your eyes met. That sums it up perfectly.