Cruise Dinners

This is something I had never experienced, a girl popped up in my face, and I just let her go.

A few days back, my family got on a cruise for a holiday. I didnt really like the idea of cruises, but i went anyway.

I had a pretty rough year, achieving lower grades in school and not doing so well in my social circle. Being in an all boys school, contact will members of the opposite sex is very rare. Also, i would consider myself the less sociable kind of guy.

But then at the first dinner night, it happened. I shared a table with my parents and a cousin family. We chose our seats and sat. Then, directly across where i was sitting, about 3 tables away, was a girl, about my age. She carried with her the perfect female face I could ever imagine. From that distance, I could only admire the lager details, but man were they amazing. Her rimmed glasses complemented her eyes, her slightly curled reached just below her shoulders. The face seemed smooth as silk. It really was the image I had long hoped for. Throughout the entire meal, I couldnt stop looking up and admiring her side face features. My appetite was great that night.

The next night came again, and we sat in the exact same seats. Only this time, there was a standing wine Menu slightly blocking my line of sight. Every now and then i would ever so slightly crane my next towards the side to get a glance at her. I guess i was somewhat noticed by my mom, and stopped doing it for a bit. But the feel was still there, and every moment I get to look at her is filled with happiness, and curiosity at the same time.

By the third day I kind of got a gist of who she is. The girl seemed like and introvert, one that also does not socialise very much. During the entire duration of the cruise, she always stuck with her parents and her one younger sister. She is the the kind of person who takes much care for her siblings. This 'lack of outwardness' is what attracts me. Just a quiet female, also one that seems quite well educated too.

On the last night, I started noticing that she now looks in my direction. Occasionally, she would turn her head to her left, to the direction where I was in, and kind of scans the area before landing her eyes on me, then quickly turning her head back. I was in shock. The past three nights, it was a one way staring contest, but this night, it became two way. We exchange many, many glances throughout the short one hour dinner, but it felt like the one hour of my life at that time. There was this one eye contact that lasted a few seconds, only to be broken by her first. I was in disarray, didnt know what to do. My face carried no smile, no sadness, but it was all in my head and my heart. Finally she took notice of me. I have this gut feeling that she feels somewhat the same too. Come to think of it, I feel embarrassed for re-wearing my shirt on that night :P

I couldnt really go to bed that night. I had this mentality of 'screw everything, just go forth and do it'. The dreams I had were sweet ones, where we met on the topmost sundeck, which is secluded away from the buzz at the pool. Where she was leaning against the railing looking at the sea, and where I approached her. The dream of the first conversation was really nice, but it never happened.

The next day was the last day. As suggested in my dreams, I went to the sundeck. No one there. I could feel this emptiness in my heart. I thought the last dinner was the last time I would be able to see her. Sitting on a deckchair for about 30 minutes, then finally deciding to leave. I went to take my breakfast, but every part of my body is telling me that she is still waiting for me on the sundeck. Eventually I made my way up, but focusing more on the scenery this time, knowing that it was all but just a dream after all. leaning out, looking at the sea. Then, I turned around. She was there. right there, in front of my eyes. And her parents. Of course, I did not know what to do, and I definitely wouldnt dare to approach her in front of her parents. So I ran. I ran away from the sundeck. It was a decision that I would regret for the next few nights.

I never got to see her again after disembarking. It was both a chanced meeting of joy and sorrow. After thinking, it seems like Fate's work after all. Of all cruise ships, of all the days, of all the restaurants on the vessel, of all the tables, she just had to sit right in front of my eyes. I dont know man. It was the one and only feel I got, one that shocked me into writing this story. Her face, still vivid in my mind. The whole experience was so amazing. In a short span of 5 days I fell for a girl I didnt even know, not even her name.

Will I ever meet this beautiful girl again? I guess, I have a feeling Fate is with me.
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Your story is so similar to mine, but just that mine is an oversea trip! Hope fate will bring you two together!:)

This story is simple yet so meaningful at the same time. There's only been two stories on this site that have really got to me in a way that i will still be thinking about it while i'm doing other activities during the day. You're one of those two stories. Wishing you all the best that another girl like this comes your way.

You story reminds mine. Check it out.


I like how you write.