Shy Stoner Love

I was packing a cone, feeling angry that i bothered to show up, when he walked in through the back door. I felt knocked back when our eyes met, and he looked surprised to see me there too. But i'll start at the beginning.

My mum was a dealer, and had bumped into an old friend from high school who i had a crush on when i was 13. Me and him met up, but it was very uneventful. The next time i heard from him, he asked me to go to his house for a sort of party get together thing. My social anxiety made me not want to go, but the 13 year old girl in me still had a crush on him, so i went.

He had a girlfriend though and most of the people there were just guys i never spoke to from high school... ugh. I ended up smoking alone in the laundry, and drinking by myself. I wanted to put myself in a drunk, stoner coma until enough time passed that it wasn't rude for me to just walk out and leave.

But then he came in through the door. I didn't realize he had a room mate, and he was exactly my type. Small like me, baggy clothes, and attractive enough that he wasn't intimidating. I could see it in his eyes, he liked me too.

He didn't go back outside with his friends after that. He introduced himself, then smoked his bong. We kept talking and laughing, and surprisingly i wasn't tripping all over my words like normal. He gave me this unusual sense of comfort that allowed me to relax and be myself. Afterwards my friend from high school came in, and was now willing to interact with me, now that his friend was. But it didn't matter what he said, it was me and his friend that clicked on every level, and were speaking like it was another language from everyone else.

My friend from high school was now seeing me a lot more, but his room mate always came. We went out together in his car, to celebrate the fact he got his license. But the cops came and we all got arrested for possession of marijuana. Luckily we all got off on a warning, but his room mate was now coming to see me by himself.

I liked him, and he liked me, but neither of us was willing to admit it, though it was obvious to everyone around us. Eventually... let's call him a somewhat friend of a very toxic ex, decided it was time to step in. He bought off my mum a lot, and knew the history my toxic ex had put me through, and pulled the room mate aside, and basically told him that i liked him, but to not hurt me because i'd been very hurt in the past.

After that, the next time he saw me, he told me he was really shy, that he'd never actually been with a girl before. I was shocked, as i assumed he'd been with lots of girls, and now my inexperience made me look like a total **** in comparison, haha. But we ended up kissing and started going out.

That was over 2 years ago. I've never had anyone love me and understand me as much as he does. He's my best friend and i'm lucky to have him in my life. The boy still needs molding though, haha. He had no car, had a very casual part-time job and couldn't save money. Now he works full time (was juggling two jobs for 2 years), got his license and bought a car. I've quit the weed, but that's gonna take some time for him :)
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Thanks to Weed that got both you guys together. :)