Racist Boss....

Hi...i m an indian guy working in an multinational company. My boss is a danish guy. It doesn't matter how hard i m workin or how much i m workin...he can never look past my colour. Unfortunately for me, 1 week back a danish girl joined as my colleague and although she is new and she doesn't know her job(which i m pretty sure she will learn with time)....my boss always try to humiliate me and blame me for her mistakes also. Sometimes if she had made a mistake , he just tries to cover it up and defend her....and he defends her by finding some problem in my work.
I am not sure how much i can take...problem is i m in desperate need of money bt i m not sure how long can i take this much bull*it from my boss...
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Maybe your boss is jealous of you for your good work .
I suffered from racism and discrimination a lot in my life
Do not lose hope and I pray things gets better for you .god bless

I would start a paper trail. Make sure that all of our goals and accomplishments are documented. If your boss wont make one for you, take the initiative and create a work schedule or goals sheet for yourself and have your boss approve it. Either have him sign it or respond to it by email. Then start documenting when and to what extent each goal was completed. Of course make sure everything is done on time or ahead of schedule or with more accomplishments than originally stated. This will make it much easier for you to make a case for discrimination if you get fired or passed over for a promotion or raise. If the boss doesnt have an equivalent paper trail, which he probably won't, he's going to look incompetent.

I guess there is no such thing as a union with this company? How about a human resources department where you can either file a grievance against him or harrassment charges. You should also keep a notebook of all interactions with him and you can show it to those you go to for help. I guess you are actively looking for another job. I do feel sorry for you and your situation. Racism seems to be a fact of life that will never change. God bless you and bring you through this to your next job! xox