Vietnam Vet

I was once chased out of an icerink by a janitor who was calling me a Charlie. I'm half Japanese, and could probably pass for Vietnamese. I'm guessing the man fought in the Vietnam war. Unpleasant? Yes.
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Being a son of a vietnam vet I can say that its just not vietnamese that vets have a problem with. It's kinda all Asian looking people. But dont let that get you down. He was probably having a flashback. Weird but if you dont know what that is its a vision that they are in their place where they fought and they are doing what ever they did years ago. I'm not for sure but your eyes must have triggered it. But learninglife is right it is a reflection of him not you. :)

Yes, but it is a reflection of him not you.

He chased you!? Oh that is screwed up!