The Colour Within

It wasn't until I was 11/12 that I noticed my skin and family were different from others.
We grew up in a predominatly white area so the jibes were thick.
Mum was taken away as part of the Governments policies,she was classified as a 'plant and or animal' when she was born,not even recognised as a human being in her own country.
It was hard.It still is but its different now.I pity those who feel the need to express racist sentiment.
We sort of have our language back,I'm still ashamed to say what,who I am but I'm prouder than I used to be.
I don't think the rest of the world quite grasps what happened and still happens i this country.
The Government carries on about 'boat people' but look how they arrived just over 200 years ago!!!
This is our Land,we're spiritually connected to it and it's evident in the way we live.
Just wish the white Australians understood,some do but most dont.
Racism is alive and kicking here.

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I am Australian too.....but I'm black...

Unfortunately Racism is everywhere...... <br />
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I am abused about my colour, I am called some horrible names, it hurts, it stings, and I'm white.<br />
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Yes, it does happen to us all. People can be cruel, it is like they enjoy hurting / humiliating other people, it is demeaning, I use to cry about it when I was younger, but I dont anymore, I just wonder why ?? <br />
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There are good and bad in all races.... but there are always bad eggs. <br />
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And when you think about it, we are all god's children, but people don't think like this.<br />
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I come from Australia, and Racism is bad here, regardless of the colour of your skin. :-(

This is the heritage left by the European colonists, now everyone believe their crap. I would like to quote from a book of ancient political international thought about race: " is especially important to ask how ancient thinkers made distinctions among peoples, because they were surprisingly different from the ways in which modern theorists have viewed their world. SKIN COLOR, FOR INSTANCE, WHICH MANY LATE NINETEEN AND TWENTIETH CENTURY THINKERS HAVE TREATED AS AN EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT AXIS OF DIFFERENCE, DID NOT FIGURE NEARLY SO PROMINENTLY IN ANCIENT THOUGHT. AS FRANK SNOWDE SAYS, 'THE ANCIENTS DID NOT FALL INTO THE ERROR OF BIOLOGICAL RACISM; BLACL SKIN COLOR WAS NOT A SIGN OF INFERIORITY; GREEKS AND ROMANS DID NOT ESTABLISH COLOR AS AN OBSTACLE TO INTEGRATION IN SOCIETY'. NOR WAS THIS EXCLUSIVELY A PROPERTY OF GREEK AND ROMAN THOUGHT: There was also, for example, "a basic absence in ancient Egypt of racial prejudice'<br />
The fact that they did not systematically discriminate on the basis of skin color does not mean that the ancients were free from prejudice altogether. They simply stressed other differences as important in making judgements from the ones that modern thinkers highlight. While being relatively "color-blind", for example, the Romans were extremely "fashion-concious"; they were fascinated and appalled by the northern barbarians' habit of wearing trousers."<br />
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So, as you can see, we'll have to wait until the times change because it has not always been like this. We have to thank the European Colonialists/Imperialists from the 16th century (and so on) for brainwashing so many countries into thinking that skin color is something important.

I am sad it is alive everywhere people try to make reason to shame others and make them selves look better,,,I am sick of all the unjust things done upon others,,,no one is better for no reason,,,none,,,not one is better,,,so what will they do when no one gets into heaven,,,,We are all suppose to be better than that,,,,and our history is so full of stupid people,,,I am ashamed to be called a human,,,Love and Light are loing sight of what really is real,,,Mary