Its Not Always About Colour, I Could Be Lack There Of..

Alot of people seem to think rasism is something that people with colour experiance. This is completely not true.

I was buillied right through out primary and intermediate because I am WHITE. Yes thats right, Im white.

I was one of three white children that attended my school (no im not lying), and I got hell for it. I did not have friends, if I did it wasnt for long as they would be scared of by the way the other kids treated me.

It sucks, especailly since in my country there is alot of protection for rasism towards Island, Asain, African people ect, but what about us boring old white people aye? That problem gets completely ignored as if it dosnt exist. 
JadeAlexMcKenzie JadeAlexMcKenzie
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 18, 2010

i completly understand im mixed though but black and white people don't like me cause of it. i think that if you are a minority and you are racist against whites than you are no better than them.