the First Time I Experienced Racism...

You know how your parents and teachers and everyone always tells you that it's the insides that count? I believed that wholeheartedly until 7th grade.

I was just starting to 'like' girls.  my best friend (who was white) had this group of girls he had met somewhere- he would call them variously and talk to them.  he gave them my number too.  We would call each other and talk about nothing for hours- just being jr. high kids.  My buddy even met up with some of them at the mall and hung out.

at some point we decided we would all meet and see a movie.  My buddy and I waited in front until the movie had already started, and then finally gave up and went inside.

The girls never called me again, and were never around when I called them.  Eventually my buddy admitted that he had seen them at the movies, but they wouldn't come over when they saw I was black.  He said they were shocked because I didn't 'sound black' on the phone...

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actually konrad i can tell the difference..over the phone...but some people cant. I found this out when i worked for local government as i sound 'white'...haha. Truth is its not easy nowadays to be able to tell someone by the tone of their voice but when i was growing up it wasnt hard as the variety was much less, if that makes sense. As for the girls and the fact they didnt want to meet you because of your color well it sounds like they werent on your level of intelligence anyway so its no loss to you.

Didn't sound black? Color has a sound now? :P

omg that is ooo mean!!!

"if you are excluding who you will date or hang out with on account of their race, then that is a racist action"<br />
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I would have to disagree with you on this bit. I understand the hanging out part, because I find it insulting and derogatory, but dating is a different matter.<br />
I'm half Iranian, but on a whole, I don't find Iranian men attractive and wouldn't date any of the ones I had met. Yes they were lovely people, but if you aren't attracted to somebody 'sexually' then it would be hard to have a relationship with them, and different cultures include some genetics that are similar in people of those cultures, such as darker skin/hair/eyes and also, in a lot of cases, facial features and body structure.<br />
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However I'll admit, my preferences have less to do with colour and more with facial/body features...

That is so true. Usually people are more comfortable with their own races. Take lunch for an example (if your in High School or any other place) usually, people of their own race like to seat with people that they have something in common with. Just imagine if your a black person and you suddenly seat with your friend (who is white). The other white girls/boys WILL look at you weirdly, that's for sure.

Racism doesn't necessarily mean someone thinks another race is inferior or superior, but that discrimination occurs based on race.<br />
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I'm not sure I would qualify hanging out in groups at the movies a "date", more of hanging out, and if you are excluding who you will date or hang out with on account of their race, then that is a racist action.<br />
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The fact that they totally avoided us also indicates that they didn't want to be seen with me or in my vicinity. If they just had other preferences (non race related) I don't think approaching us would have been a problem.

To practice racism, one has to think that THEIR race is better than all others. Now going on that fact, did those girls not want to date you because they felt their race is better than your race? Or were they just not into black boys? Just wondering what your thoughts were. ^_^