This Guy Said To Me

He would run his finger up his butt crack before serving my food, and then commented on how Black people don't tip.
Maybe it's because you would rather wipe your butt with your finger before serving the food and complain than do your job.

This other guy said that our "wimminz" are butt ugly and our "chirrenz" are like rabid raccoons. None of us are worth the price of a bullet.

Yet another proclaimed that he would gladly buy me a one way ticket to africa and it would be good money spent for America, making sure to properly capitalize the proper noun, and not the improper. As a reply, someone else said the difference between the first racist and him was that he wouldn't give "a ****** the sweat off [his] balls."

I dunno why they were so mad.
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sorry but as a culture....when I deliver pizzas door to door....I would starve to death on tips from the "BLACK" is not RACIST it is FACT...just saying

as a native american i've endured racism. some ppl believe that we are all drunks or vile ppl. However there are good and bad everywhere.

there are many racist trolls on the internet ...they are just ignorant cowards ..its best to ignore them but sometimes ya just cant resist givin it back to surprised that none of them have commented here....everytime i post a story on aboriginal issues they come out of the woodwork and attack

Hmmm . .. internet anonymity DOES allow for unprecedented freedom of thought ex<x>pression -- and the comments you've encountered are unfortunate (were they aimed at you specifically?). Still, I think it entirely possible that the people who made those comments may now number in the thought minority. I don't search faces anymore wondering if they hate me.<br />
<br />
There will always be those who hate senselessly. I used to seek them out and try to change their minds. Now I just avoid 'em. Not worth the time and effort when there are so many cool people out there who agree that they're idiots.<br />
<br />
You're a thoughtful young person. Best of luck to ya! :-)

The reason they were so brazen and their attitudes so blatant was because it was on the internet. The question may be asked if they would say the same things to my face (or to any Black person's face). If these individuals would say something like this in a situation that some would consider anonymous, but not face to face, would that suggest that there are countless people who would do the same if the risk of being ridiculed for being racist were eliminated?

Call me naive, but I'm sorta surprised that someone your age has experienced racism this blatant. Were these interactions face to face (other than the foodservice example of course)? Was there additional context?

no doubt.

Hi smillwith<br />
They are just nasty! Lots of nice people around.<br />

And these morons think they are superior? To what, a cockroach? I'm so sorry you have to endure that kind of treatment. There is no excuse for it. I'm a white woman who is actively engaged in anti-racist work. We try to educate other white people, but some people (like the ones you mention) seem to be beyond hope. Sad for all of us.