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I have a very strong dislike of american society because in my 13 years in America, all I ever experienced was racism. In my school, I was bullied and ignored by the teachers and authority, in my neighborhood I was assaulted constantly, even by police, and even in the hospital I was victimized. I was placed in a psychiatric hospital after an arrest for fighting back against a bully, and the doctors there put me on several medications I didn't need. The staff and other patients would abuse me and threaten me and push me around. Even in my own family. My father's family is extremely convervative and was angered when he married a hispanic woman, and got even more hostile against her, and indirectly against me, when my brother and sister were born. My family shows love on the surface but contempt deep down in their hearts, and I just can't stand americans any more because that's all I know of them.
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I agree with you on the right-winged policies and the problems. The sad truth, though, is that a vast majority of American citizens are in fact, conservatives. I remember one of the saddest things I ever heard was when my grandmother called me and told me she found on Fox! News (which I honestly am disgusted.) a story about vending machines in areas of Puerto Rico (la Perla, Ponce, and a few others) that vend clean heroin needles. I found that shocking, considering I spend a lot of time in and around some of those places and the only vending machines I've seen are coca-cola and dasani machines. However, I'm not sure if you remember, there was a story about New York where the governor wanted to implement a policy to teach addicts the proper way to use heroin in order to prevent overdoses.<br />
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Back on topic, the reason you see this kind of reaction is because ever since hispanics started coming into America, we have been put down and cheated and abused and more by the society. The only caucasian people (not being racist, just clarifying) I trust are eastern europeans.

We are living in terrible times.<br />
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There are quite a few cities in my state where the overwhelming majority of the population is Hispanic. They are, without exception, thrivng, family centered and vibrantly successful communities. Very recently, I have noticed a terrible change when I go there to shop or do any kind of business. I am a white woman. The facial ex<x>pressions, tones of voices and attitudes of people I come across have suddenly turned contemptuous and hostile towards me. I am sad and fearful because of this. I blame the new draconian immigration laws in Arizona, and the horrible way the right wing conservatives have ramped up their scrape goating of hispanic people to soothe their frustrations about their own economic situations. The extreme right wing are also, purposely and conspicuously, doing the same thing to Muslims. I am not a bigot like that. But, because of these goings on, my white face suddenly declares me so!! We are living in terrible times.<br />
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Please do not blame America for racism...our Constitution and traditions are designed to encourage the best in humanity...there is hope here..unfortunately, the worst instincts in humanity are still with us, like anywhere else. Our nation is so diverse. We are designed to let the cream rise to the top. Ignore bitter people, less they take you with them when they dry up to dust. Cultivate your better nature, and you and your family will continue to rise and represent all that is good about your ethnicity. God bless us all and help us all to stay on the side of the Angels.

I don't think you should hate anyone. Be the stronger person, because saying you hate Americans is only adding fuel to the fire. Someones got to put there foot down and say "STOP" walk away. Let it go. Love yourself and who you are, because not everyone is like that. I'm not like that. Never in my life have I hated a group of people for their race. Born and raised in America. I know how you feel though. Half black and Half white. I've been picked on by both races in my life. But I'm living proof it doesn't have to be that way. Be strong and keep looking at the positives in life.