I Have A Latina Spouse, And Listen To Blatantly Racist Crap From Boss, His Wife And Family.

My wife is a half-Mexican, half-Costa Rican woman who was born and raised here in NY. Her parents are both naturalized U.S. citizens.
I'm a white male of Irish / German early 20th-century immigrant lineage.

I work at a small family-run company that is patently Christian conservative, and often brazenly racist. I listen to absurdly ignorant rants about Obama all day. My boss' wife comes in regularly to do some shipping, and is deplorably oblivious to her own stupidity.

Today, she made a bald-faced remark about "dirty Mexicans" to one of my co-workers, as a joke. I winced with irritation, because I am truly, truly offended by it. My wife is not only HIGHLY educated, wonderfully eloquent (much more so than this woman in question), creative and talented, but she smells like a fresh meadow after a spring rain.... ALL THE TIME. Her family, too; clean, dignified, warm and kind. I don't need to clarify that to anyone.

I would love to leave this group of woodentops behind me, but this is my career, and I rely upon the (very respectable) salary. I'm afraid to bring up the indiscretion to my boss, for obvious reasons.... but it's making things VERY unpleasant for me. When she shows up, I often rise from my seat and take a smoke outside.

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Try to remember that the people playing those games are usually pretty young, and most often from some backwater place where the only exposure they HAVE to any kind of culture is through the internet, via violent shooters. It's not like NY, where there is so much art and culture around every corner. They're hardly what you'd consider enlightened or educated. Don't ever take an insult from a kid like that to heart, because they're not fully-developed people yet. They need to live, love and lose a few things first; find themselves on the receiving end of a few painful experiences. When you enter into the world of online gaming, you're automatically mixing w/ the worst of what the US has to offer, intelligence-wise. <br />
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Just turn off the headphones, and blast them all to hell! <br />
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Keep your head up, and don't try to change who you are to satisfy the morons who can't even name ONE painter from their OWN country!!! It's THEY who must change, or lose in the long run.

Icepulse, <br />
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I came onto this site looking for stories like yours. I myself was born and raised in the Southwest and my parents are both naturalized citizens also. I recently started playing games online and have had a lot of people make racist comments to me because of my accent (although people always tell me that I don't have an accent). This happens with white people (although not all) and they always call me a 'dirty Mexican', 'spic', 'go back to your country', etc. It bothers me so much that people judge me on my accent alone. I worked at a bank for the last ten years and am now even going to college and plan to go on to law school soon. <br />
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I just really wish that people wouldn't have to be so hateful toward me and others when they know nothing about me. I am educated and a contributing member of society just like anyone else. I wish I could see into the hearts and minds of these people in order to better understand why they feel the need to act this way and also to understand for myself how to react. I am even now planning on finding a language coach to help me get rid of this accent before I go on to law school out east for fear that it will hinder me in some way. <br />
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I am glad to hear that there are still white people, such as yourself, out there that are not racist and are especially not okay with other people being racist. Thank you for sharing your story. <br />
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