Never Thought It Would Happen

a friend took me to her friends house, some how conversation strayed to native Americans,don't remember the entire conversation but at some point he screamed that I should be grateful for him and other white people because if it wasn't for them that I would be bare foot somewhere in the woods and at some point he got up and did a mock tribal dance...I balled my eyes out,I hope the big man felt good about himself
MrsMurder MrsMurder
10 Responses Aug 24, 2010

Unbelievably brutal. Honestly I can not find any other words to say.

All the best to you!

ignorance I tell ya... little did he know is that all land all over the planet 1st belongs to premiers

Ha! the "white" kid is CLUELESS by far! He has it ALL backwards. If it were NOT for Native Americans, the WHITES would have to go Back over to Europe, or even die from not knowing what to wear and eat.

Many American Indians are living in dire poverty to this day on reservations. Many of them still feel pain that transcends history. They have a daily reminder that many of their people were destroyed through genocide and surplanted by foreigners who have thrived and prospered at their expense. There are laws in Germany that make racsim against Jews a crime against the law. If a Jewish man were to complain about racist comments in Germany the law would take it seriously. Unfortunately, there are no such laws in this country.

He's an idiot. White people invaded this country bringing plague and disease.<br />
Native Americans taught the white people how to survive here, not the other way around.

it was me my "best friend" and him...she never said a word and afterwords waited 15 to take me home....I think that's the worst part is that I had to sit in his house on his couch after all of that was said but my best friend wasn't concerned with me, she was trying to get her next fix and when we got home and I told my husband ,she acted seriously offended that we were mad at her saying, that it was my own dumb fault because if I had said something she would have taken me my opinion I didn't have to say a word she should have known.

i hate losers like that. I have always been in love with other cultures especially Native Americans. I always respected how the respected the enviorment, how they only used what they needed. i think we as a nation could learn a few things from Native Americans. i know how it feels to be treated that way cause i am a mixed girl in a country part of Texas. Don't get me wrong i love this state but it's the people who can be so close minded and racist. being mixed means the blacks don't like me for some reason and some White kids joke about my race. Being called half breed, and oreo is just plain stupid but it happens all the time to me and my little sister.

I did mention that if we knew what they were all about, that not one of them would have made it off the boat.

I agree with imabear-the man has more than a few loose screws. You should have reminded him that without the help of native Americans, the white population would not have survived the harsh winters. That man has no class!

God, what a moron. I'm sorry you had to experience that. The guy is clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic.