Racism Can Come From Any Direction

I have definitely experienced a lot of racism in my life.  Both of my parents are black, but I am very fair-skinned and according to some people, I have "good hair" (God I really hate that terminology).  So for me growing up, I would not only experience racism from people outside my race, other Black women would criticize me for being who I am. 

My mother taught me to take pride in being a black woman and I definitely do. But at the same time, my parents have always encouraged me to never determine who my friends are based on their skin color, gender, national origin, etc.  Just find people that you get along with.  That was the only requirement.

I have had white friends whose parents absolutely did not like me for the sole reason that I am black.  And that was fine as long as my friends accepted me for who I was.  I justed didn't spend the night at their houses.  I have had people spit out their windows at me while I was walking home from school, among other things.  I always shook it off but it hurt. 

At the same time, a lot of black girls did not accept me either. The thought I was "high yellow, or bourgeois" or whatever they would think to call me.  And this was all before even getting to know me.  I have actually heard this a lot.  "Before I met you, I didn't like you.  I thought you were stuck up."  Those people aren't my friends for very long.

I have just accepted that racism is a part of life.  All races experience it.  It doesn't matter if you're black, white, asian, hispanic, blue, green, or martian.  So I just go about my life and pray for peace for those ignorant people...

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SAD, but that is just how this world is.

I am sorry you have had to experience this hatred. As the adoptive mother or a AA child I have experienced from several other races. I am an adult and it ticks me off. I am so sorry that yours started as a child. My 16 year old has 1 freind who's grandmother makes racist comments because of the color of her sisters skin. SHe avoids their house when the grandma is there.<br />
I read somewhere that the pigmented skin is only 1/16 of an inch. That means there is not much differance in any of us.

racism does suck and being mixed (hispanic & White) I've experienced racism from many different angles black, white, hispanic but I've learned to deal with it. I wish it weren't like that at times but it's the way the world works one day maybe those people would get a wake up call.

Well baby, basically I agree with Don Imus. You are probably one of them "nappy-headed hoes," aren't you?