Freshman Year Racism

3 days after school have started, I've met some friends and actually Having some fun. But as i was walking down the hall to leave the building, a group of boys made imitations of how Chinese people talk as i walked Pass them 
Though I'm Not Chinese i felt offended because i'm Asian. (Filipino to be exact)
I felt a tear About to fall down my Cheek But i sucked it up 
Because i wasn't about to give them their satisfaction By crying
There have been other instances And i did what i always do when I deal with these kind of stuff, 
I walked away , Due to my standards. i wasn't ready to stoop down to their level to actually Say some hurtful things back
Btw i go to a school that 97% of the kids are Black 
So You can spot the kids that are of  different race a mile away
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2011

I'm filipino too. And it sucks 'cuz ever since i started school, from 1st grade to 8th (i'm in 8th), I've always get made fun of. It sucks so bad.

I was playing an online game, and some one said my avatar was so ugly it made chinese people open their eyes. I called the website and the pla<x>yers membership was revoked.