Was This Guy Kkk?

About three weeks ago I got lost walking in Brooklyn someplace after looking for a historical Jewish landmark I wanted to take a picture of. 

It doesn't matter where I'm from but I'm a nice tanned color.

So I end up on a cross street and saw a bar.  Being I was walking for miles i decided to have a cold beer as I walked in looking pretty good wearing a red and black rare shirt of a boxing celebrity under my nice black dress overcoat on a sunny but cold late afternoon.

To the left of the bar at the end was a pretty young Indian woman enjoying a drink by herself with a pleasant smile.  The bartender seem like he didn't like my looks from jump street, must had been the Malcom X like clear glasses I was wearing.  He told me with looks to kill to turn off my music because it was blasting.  I was having a hard time finding my I pod in my jacket pocket because I had other stuff in there.  He asked me twice to turn it off while trying to find it and there wasn't any music on at all in that red neck spot as the bartendender and his White customer in front of him stared me down.

So I turn pull out the stereo and turn it off asking a simple question finding that I wasn't in Brooklyn, I was lost  in Queens.  Then I politely asked him for a beer and he wanted to disrespect me with insulting slures and I was as kind as I always am in any public place.  Finally i asked for a beer again and he said I needed to leave his bar.  That pissed me off to say the least.

The young Indian girl was all ears and I knew she thought there was no reason for me not to get any service, so on my way out of the door I only had a few words to say to him while stepping out,

"A known filmmaker walks in lost and you're going to disrespect me like that? Fu@k you!"

Hey what can I say, I felt like he was some kind of KKK dude that didn't like me because my glasses reminded him of Malcom X. ;-)

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6 Responses Mar 10, 2012

Good for speaking up. We all have to contribute to wipe this crap out.<br />
I'd pass on the hardware, however. You know one way or another it's gonna come back and bite you on the ***.

You should have called the po po

Some people are jerks no matter what color they are. I've had people give me a hard time because my wife is black and I'm white. I let it roll after I make it clear that their behavior is unacceptable. They usually get theirs. The Racial Karma boomerang is sweet.

right on wow what a looser he had no reason to tell you to leave..

You're lucky to be able to tell the tale. There are some various ethnic pockets in all the boroughs around NYC that are gang-ruled and no one goes in unless invited. Since I'm not from up there, I stay where the tourists are unless I'm with a local.

I go with RollsRoyce, if they'd try to be picky they'd be running out of the good ones. <br />
Just put on that Malcom X glasses and walk with grace.