First time i visited Olongapo,back in 1988, my wife (Filipina) and i were  shopping in the night market when a  Naval rating made some disparaging comments about my wife,,i was just about to confront him when my wife pulled me back. Later i found out that it was a general opinion amongst the service men in both the Naval base and at Clark Airbase in Angeles.
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In all the time I have lived in the middle east I have never encountered racism until a few weeks ago. In Iran I was always treated with the utmost respect and curiosity as ex pats here are few and far between. But the resent sanctions placed upon Iran have not harmed or affected the regime at all, only the poor every day Joe, and I have begun to feel a change in attitude towards me, a British woman living here. It saddened me to the core of my being that I am beginning to be viewed as representative of the powers that be who are preventing this man buying baby milk for his new born.

Yes i can understand:-(