Childhood Racism In America

My brother and I experienced racism from many different people.
Mexicans were mad because we lookes mexican but werent so we got beat up in Washington.
We came to Hawaii and Asians and Filipinos were acting local and treating us like we don't belong when in fact WE ARE HAWAIIAN.
Largely, "Americans" have dwindled the Hawaiian race dramatically since the overthrow. We were thrown in insane assylums so they could steal our land, and we were forbidden to speak our language lawfully as well as practice our culture IN OUR OWN LAND.
So tell me something I havent heard.
I remember running home when I was 5 to tell my mum that my brother got caught by a skin head boy and they were beating the crap out of him at the park.
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

thats ****!

not sure which ***** word you said. can i buy a letter? lol

abut that skin head...and the racism sucks!!

add me please!

Thanks. I really just want it to be known. Because most people leave things left unsaid.

wow! i can't even imagine. I know racism isn't gone no matter how much ppl like to pretend like "oh its the millenium, that doesn't happen anymore". it happens from day one. <br />
<br />
so sorry for you and your brother.