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Last year I went with my family to Dallas so that we could attend my brother's graduation from this awkward thing he was doing (basically a bunch of retired navy officers got together and prepared grade-school children for the military... it was really creepy- he doesn't do it anymore). 

At one point we had a couple of free hours for lunch so we stopped at a steakhouse for lunch.   So we walked in and immediately everybody's eyes were on us.   All of the clients were white, but we didn't think anything of it.  At least not until the hostess seated us.  Most of the clients were sitting near the front of the restaurant, by the entrance, but she insisted on leading us waayyyy to the back, and then she turned a corner until we were out of sight and nobody could see us by ourselves.  My mom said she really didn't like the table that much so the waitress moved us one table over.  It was really annoying.

We left immediately and went to a less creepy restaurant- this one was also steakhouse- the only difference was that there were Latinos and African Americans as well as Anglo folks sitting and eating and nobody stared at us when we walked in.

I think this is the most recent experience I've had with honest-to-goodness racism. :D

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Dallas has everything you want but nothing you need. It takes the notion of crabs in a barrel to a new level. It’s funny because churches are everywhere, along with poster of biblical quotes, but the people here act angry all the time and give southern hospitality a bad name. Racism is blatant in the job sector and white people are ridiculously hateful. They do things here that you thought only happened in the movies. It is the only state that has a requirement that they need to see a photo of you before they interview perspective job candidate even if you are licensed and have years of experience. It is very segregated with extreme examples of wealth and poverty and the pollution is horrendous, especially in the City of Dallas. People are very unhealthy here festering on poor diets. The freeways are a joke. Now I know why Texas calls itself the “lone state”. And don’t believe the bling about the booming job market unless you want to work in the service industry, like Whataburger, Target, Walmart, or selling something etc.

I am a black woman born and raised in Mississippi and I moved to Dallas in 2008. I have experienced more racism in Dallas than I have really anywhere in my life and that includes Mississippi. I worked in retail off of Coit Road in Richardson and you would not believe the racist comments the white people would say when they came in. One older white man told me "you speak well for a black" and then he went on to tell of a time he was in the military and met a black man he stated "Looked like a big silverback gorilla". Of course I could never respond back. I also heard on a daily basis the fried chicken and watermelon statements. <br />
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Plus two of my black coworkers were called the N word by a few customers. The racism was really, REALLY bad at my job though. The companies in Texas and in Dallas display open hostility against the blackworkers which is probably why so many highly educated blacks in Dallas work for the city or county governments making less money. The whties here don't want to pay you well at all if you are black. No matter your skill.<br />
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I met a black dart bus driver who told me of a time he use to sell real estate. He had managed to secure this rich white doctor's business and the doctor had agreed to buy a multimillion dollar home. However, at the last moment the doctor called up his white coworker and told him to close on the loan. He did not know the white coworker was friends with the black guy. The white guy asked the doctor why and he was told "that is too much money for a N-Word to Make".

It's easier to blame people for the bad things that happen in this world than to find ways of solving them. It's extra-easy when there's already a label we can use like "Arab" or "Mexican" or "Jewish." :s

Yep, racism sucks, and, as a white man, I am ashamed to say I have known at least half the whites I have met, north and south, are racist. Once, in Alabama, a white woman I didn't know hardly at all turned to me on a couch. She was relaying a story about the capture of criminals that were going around and breaking into cars in parking lots of restaurants and bars, when she suddenly exclaimed, almost breathless "Wow, and would you believe it? They were WHITE." "Heck yeah I would believe it" I told her, "I have had lots of whites steal from me." This was not the reaction she wanted to hear, apparently, because she got quiet after that and, shortly after, her ride arrived and she left. Now I am back living in the North (I was born in Penn.) and who did I catch stealing things from my car and/or the house where I live? White kids, punks, my stepson and his punk white friend. Criminals come from all walks of life, all colors, religions, social classes, you name it. With those facts evident, how in the hell can anyone be racist?

Maybe she should move to the Midwest. :S

I live in an urban neighborhood in Houston, where things are a little more cosmopolitan. We have Chicanos, immigrants, white folks, black folks, gay folks, atheists and religious folks. It's pretty good. San Fran is definitely on my list of places to visit though! :)

Wow. That's disgusting, and pretty sad... <br />
<br />
See ? This is why most of us white folks think it doesn't exist anymore. Because, it doesn't happen to us. <br />
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Come to San Francisco. We love everybody ! In my neighborhood, I'm surrounded by Russians, Africans, Japanese, and whites. We don't think anything of it...