Within The Family....

Even thought I'm 17, I have had many encounters with racists groups and individuals. It doesn't get any easy when you get older. I never thought it would end up within the family. To my understanding, I believe that a good portion of my family is racist. They are my three half sisters and my grandmother....and I live with them. They're always talking about how different white and black people are, white people do stupid stuff, black people were slaves back in the day...All this crap that they keep on feeding me to do what? Convince me that black people are better than white? I don't believe that. I believe that every race is at equal measure. No one else in my family sees it that way, they see what they want to see, they hear what they want to hear, and they think what they want to think. can't change that about them and they can't change anything about me. I've let them get to me multiple times before about how I act white, and I only have white friends, blah blah blah...That's not true, but my sisters tell my grandmother that and she believes them. Then my grandmother will say horrible things about me, which in turn, is heard by my half sisters and they come at me about it. When I speak, she ignores me, she won't look at me, she won't say anything to me. I feel like an outsider in my own blood line. It's that bad that I don't consider them as truly my family. It hurts, a lot. And it continues, day by day I get through it. Hoping they'll eventually stop and accept me for the person that I am.
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I have a few racists in my family too. Most families have at least one or two. But I believe the majority of people today are open and fair minded. Look for them and make them part of your life. Avoid the others.

They come off as sounding jealous. Try not to let them bother you(better yet try to figure out why it bothers you). Have you honestly told them it bothers you? if so then you know that they are going out of their way to hurt you. next time they say you act white ask them what they mean by that? or just say thank you. You can't seem to change them by telling them the truth so pretend you are not bothered by it. Lots of people fear what they don't know.

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