Assumptions Made By Looks

I am half African American and half white. I look way more white than black, so those racist people feel nice and comfy saying the n word and other things when im near because i dont 'look' black. Very Ignorant.
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I'm half black & white.

I had a white friend who has been obsessed by his ex though they broke up a year ago.

She got over it pretty well and kept living her life, whilst my former friend was still talking about her.He knew that she wasn't living in a monastery, he knew that she had probably slept with other guys during this year.

BUT, one day, he comes home, all upset. Because he accidentaly heard that one of his black co-worker knew his ex. (My "friend" then went to his ex-girlfriend and insisted to make her admit that she slept with that black dude).

He was so upset telling me that, like "I'd never thought she was like that, I'd never thought it was her thing...". He was crazy about it I had to calm him down.

He lost respect and idealism toward her that day and never talked about her since that day-I don't think he realized what he actually told me.

Maybe because I'm mixed, maybe because it's something so natural to him : if a girl sleeps with several guys it's ok, but if it includes a black guy, she's out of the market for him.

When I tell this story in real life, people tend to respond that my friend is a racist, or that it's not that bad...

I personaly don't think he's a racist. He actually thinks that he's a very open-minded person doing good things and all.

It's not that simple and that's why I like that story. I'm intrigued how even educated people can have this kind of reaction.Because I think this is something worse than racism, something deeper, visceral.

I don't know how to call it. Maybe human nature.