Are You White?

My skin color really wasn't an issue for me in kindergarten. Not that I can remember. Yet, I remember entering the first grade at a new school and experiencing another form of racism from my peers. I went to a predominately black school, so mostly everyone had darker skin. Not I. I'm mixed with Irish, which comes from my dad. So I'm pretty pale.

My first encounter was with a really ghetto (sorry but its true) boy. See when I was being to taught to speak, I was being taught proper English. And it was normal to me. However, when I spoke to my classmates, they'd look at me funny and say, "Why you talking white?" That confused me. Was I "talking white"? I was just speaking the way I was taught to!

The second encounter is something that's still happening to me in high school. Because of my light skin color, I'd be looked at funny and asked, "Are you white?" or "Are you black?" or "What you mixed with?" That would annoy me. So I'd tell them I'm black and Irish. I got tired of explaining that to kids. And sometimes, when I'd tell them I'm black, they'd smack their lips and say, "No you not. You white. You don't act like you black." What? Just because I'm not stereotypically ghetto, I'm not black? Who gave you the right to tell me my race?

Nowadays, people just assume I'm white. And then they hear otherwise, they have a big "OHHH!" moment. Smh. Its a shame people don't realize that African Americans come in all shades.
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Sorry to hear that. I guess your mixed heritage is somehow new to some people.
I think black guys not from ghetto would have better acceptance to different behavior. (Like Obama:) )
Hope things will be better soon or at least in college for sure.

your story made me smile i am mexican and when i told people that they would say i did not look mexican because my skin is white and my eyes are a very light brown so i would tell them yes i do look mexican. There are a lot of white mexicans but white people think that all mexicans look the same. dark skin dark eyes black hair. truth is mexican is not a race its the place you or your ancestors where from. 10 persent of Mexicos peple are inidan or white race. the rest of us are the result of the Spanish (White) people mixed with the native indian people of mexico i have siters who are very light skin toned and sisters who have a very nice natural tan and we are from same mom and dad


That's really harsh!! I've never experienced racism aimed at me, but we Scots always get put down by the British media, so I kinda get how you feel :) I'm very sympathetic though

I read your story & understood as when I was a child I was in three different black foster homes as even though I was white no one wanted me in there home. I later got adopted by a Catholic Priest & later married & I have an adopted African American son whom we live for. So far we have had to deal with both whites & blacks as we do live in the south, but I am just grateful we have been able to keep him in a private christian school. So sorry you had to go through feeling not sure of who you are, but you sound like a very smart person with a lot of common sence.

Wow, you've been through a lot. But I'm everything's working out you :) And thanks for the compliment~