Racist Teacher

i had a teacher that used to pick on me. she was SUPER nice to all the white kids. i think i was about 6 or 7. she used to make me and a couple other kids go to the corner allot, and she would yell and say rude things. my white friends would say she was the best teacher, cause she was nice to them. me and the few other indian and mexican girls, and some of the black girls, used to talk about getting her fired. she gave us dirty looks ALL the time. there was one little black boy who was def, and she used to get him in so much trouble, saying he was ignoring her, and not following directions. once, i had a stomach ache, and i asked if i could see the nurse, and she took me to the back of the room, and screamed at me.she said i would be extremely punished if i made another comment about it. i cried, and she locked me in the closet room all day. one little white girl said she didn't feel well the next day, and she hugged her, sweet talked her, sent her strait to the nurse, she went home sick.

i hate that woman, and i wish they would fire her. nobody would believe me when told them. now it's 8 years later, i'll never forget her, by now i think she's fired. i'm lucky now i'm in high school and i have a wonderful teacher.
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I used to have a teacher like that and she was very ignorant. Now that I think back at that time she wasn't good to me and for that I hate her now. Wish she got fired now but that's most unlikely. <br />
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It's so bad people surrounding you don't notice some times that you're being discriminated against by someone. As a result of this you be always left isolated and no one to turn to.<br />
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OMG that would have been really tough having a bad teacher like that. Talk about racist!!! :(