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For a long time, I lived a primarily aboriginal/maori area in Western Australia called Kwinana. Being a skinny, young white girl, I was picked on a lot by black people. In primary school a bunch of black girls and boys would beat me up and slam my head into lockers because I was "white trash".

The way that It's been here in Western Australia, and I'd love to hear from aboriginal or maori people on this subject, but it feels that it's only racist when white people do it. We have a radio station here called noonga FM, and they play some great country music, except at the end of the show they say "stay black".
Imagine if that was a white person making that remark. It's stir such a big shitstorm!
Equality goes both ways. I know that in the past, back people were treated REALLY badly. REALLY badly. I just want to know why some (I'm not saying all of you!) black people still punish us for the past? It was out of my power that people did that to one another, I had no control over it! I wasn't even born!

I suppose it isn't like this for everyone, and I do have some friends that are East African and we get along just fine, calling each other every racist name in the book. It just ****** me off that the white people in the present are being punished and treated badly for what happened in the past. Only bad things can come of that. I just want equality. Equality for EVERYONE.
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I think the best way to stop this is to start it from yourself. This is what I learn from years of racial/verbal abuse as an outsider to Australia.

The problem here is the stupid oppression theory nonsense. The belief that a dominant group has privilege that they are unaware of and only the oppressed group can see that. I was on an internet group a few weeks ago, about women's rights , i came there to find like minded individuals to talk with and to my surprise I and others were immediately attacked by women there , they started calling us sexist of all things. Sexism was what we came there to fight against and these pieces of **** that we came there to help were calling us sexist. Naturally I immediately sensed something very wrong, these were not allies at all , they were acting like vicious enemys . I began to question what the ******* was going on with the group and I was fed some line about this oppression theory b u l l s h i t , these morons even told me I wasn't able to think for my self! Big red flag right there, never ever EVER trust someone who says you cant think for your self! The idea was , of course that they were going to think for me since I was the "oppressor" and coulden't. Do it my self, being unaware of my privilege. This is what's wrong where you are , the assumption that being in an oppressed group automatically makes you some saintly teacher when in fact it just makes you screwed up from being oppressed. That's why they let these people get away with this ****, they think their all perfect innocent, oppressed souls when in fact many are blood thirsty revenge seekers and nothing more.

It's true about the "disease" hate. It's taught.

Hi, I'm white and almost 50. I spent my youth in Tampa, Florida and still reside here today. We were forced into interracial problems when the government started desegregating us forcefully. Many children in my neighborhood hated blacks and many black children were just as mean. My black friends and I had to sneak around just to play.

I heard Australia is one of the most racist country in the world and 50% of the population hates Muslims and think they don't belong there...what's with you guys and racism?? why can't you all just get along?

well, true. however, statistics prove Australians are more racist than Canadians, for example.

You heard it hey? I have no idea whether we are that racist or not. I'm just tired of people saying that they heard this or that and then making comments such as you have. Who is to say that we don't get on better than most countries? I won't and don't because I don't have evidence for that. And I don;t think you should either.

lol, I don't know about that. this is just based on viral videos and stuff I've read online. I must admit I've NEVER been to Australia so I am not saying this is true, this is just what I've heard.

I won't argue against that research. However, it does not indicate that Australia is one of the most racist countries in the world. It just indicates levels of racism in Australia. Prof Dunn, however, insisted that multiculturalism had been successful in Australia, adding: "About 87% of Australians say that they see cultural diversity as a good thing for society … and about 86% say they want something done about racism. So that tells me that multiculturalism has worked."

It is also reported in an Indian Newspaper which ends the article with "In the past recent years, Indian students were largely targeted in Australia, which had led to huge protests in both the countries." So it may have been editorialised to suit their readers.

The research is actually taken from an Australian university.

Yes. But it is not fully reported in the paper. It is quoted selectively. just as the research in the Canadian paper is. i will never argue that Australia has no racism, but I do find it difficult when people make assumptions about it being the worst or best in something, without evidence other than in fish and chip wrappers. I don't know about your media, but our's is so politicised, there is never a clean story in it.

oh its just comparing incidents of racism in Australia vs. Canada. either way, ALL of my friends who've been to Australia or live there always talk about how racist the people if. if every visitor complains about being a victim of racial bias, something is terribly wrong. I've been to the states (which people say is very racist) and yet I can honestly say that (besides the airport security and all that jazz) I never felt people treated me differently because of my race or made any racist remarks towards me...but among the 4 of my classmates who went to Australia, all claimed they had heard an Australian make a racist remark either towards them or another race in front of them...again, I have never been to Australia so I am in no way claiming that these are facts...I just think that as a multicultural nation, Australia can do a far better job of handling racism. A friend of mine who lives in Australia said that racism is ingrained in their culture (??) and thats why most Australians are desensitized to it and half of the time they don't even realize that they are being racist.

"I am in no way claiming that these are facts...I just think that as a multicultural nation, Australia can do a far better job of handling racism." You may not be claiming them as facts, but you are basing you comments on them as if they are facts. In none of my comments have I objected to the fact that there is racism in Australia. I just abhor comments that Australia is the most racist country or the most this or that. When you say. I'm not claiming these as facts, but then say Australia should do something based on that information, I think you give are providing the non-facts with your consent.

I am going to delete this comment soon, however, because it makes me sound very prejudiced and I am in no way claiming Australia is the most racist country in the world. I just wonder why so many minorities living in Australia always complain about racism online and why (I am Asian, btw) Asians always tell each other not to go to Australia...I mean I've never heard an Asian say "don't go to Canada" or "don't go to the US" because it's racist but I've heard them say that for Australians and a few countries in Europe. I am just trying to explain why I wrote this comment- I have no personal bias against Australians. It's just the way Australians have treated my friends in the past that have led me to thinking like this.

Again, that's based on my friends personal experiences. It's important to note that my friends have traveled to a lot of places and most say that Australia was one of the more racist places they've been to.

Why delete the comment?

because I am beginning to not agree with what I stated :)

alright, I shall keep it but I do need to write this out now: I have never been to Australia and I am not claiming it's the most racist country in the world. I am just regurgitating what I've heard from others :P

Fair enough. Interesting debate, thank you

wait (last comment from me) what sentence were you talking about, seizetoday?

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am sorry for what happened to u ^ ^
no one in this world whatever race, beliefs or ethnicity deserve to be treat badly by others

I guess I still hold a vendetta because NOTHING was done. No matter who I told.

ooowh :((