As an asian growing up in Canada, it's still there. Even in the large cities like Toronto, where they are known for their multiculturalism, it's happening every day. Living in a small city where just a few years ago I was one of only 3 asians in the entire school of 900, it was something that happened and I doubt even the people doing it knew they were being racist. Having lived with it most of my life I didn't know that it was until it stopped when my family and I moved and I went to a school on the other side of town. There's a big push here on raising awareness of it though which, though it won't stop it completely, it will at least get the word out that yes it is there and yes it needs to change.

In psychology class we watched a video called "Brown Eyed, Blue Eyed," about a teacher who, to teach her grade 3ers about racism, divided the class by eye colour and for one day the blue-eyed people were the upper class and the brown-eyed on the bottom and then vice versa.

It was really eye-opening, especially since the kids, who were totally aware of the experiment and were wanting to do it turned into a racist society for a day based on nothing but eye colour. They had an interview years later of the kids in that class after they had grown up and they talked about how it made them realize how stupid it was and one woman even said how whenever she hears someone say something racist she wishes she could slap the exercise on them and see how they would like it!

Another thing about that video that was funny (but sad at the same time) was how when the teacher was doing it with adults in a workshop years later, one woman was saying how she experiences racism every day and how her friends always brush it off, saying "Come on, that doesn't happen any more. It's 1995!"

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I experienced racism a few times........only a few times, it happened about 7 years ago but it's something that still have effects to this day.....probably will for the rest of my life.