Racism Story

soo i was at lunch and i sit with outcast there all white btw and im black they wanted to go to a different table to say hi to someone and i didn't wanna get left alone so i went with them at the table and a random kid first asked if i listened to lil wayne he then stared rapping nigga over and over again when i said no he then asked then if i listened to gospel or something -_- i found none of this funny but my so called friends where cracking up then the same day on my bus some girl was talking about how much she hates black people then looked over at me and said no offence then some kid replied she acts white anyways so i doubt she cares i hate my lunch hate the people i sit with i hate my school i hate my bus everything would be soo much easier if i was either white of lived in the ghetto never in my life had i experienced this amount of racism in one day i failed my test thinking about it and my weekend is ruined because of it i hate people
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Just want to say hang in there, be strong, I feel you.

I am French so my English won't be very good but here I go:Honey, it's gonna be okay. Those people are idiots. Just look at the color of your skin, it is nothing more than dark brown skin. Does it say anything more about you? No, it doesn't. If someone judges you over the colour of your skin, then these people must be pretty skin-deep, don't you think?I am black myself. I have felt like this when I was very young. Being discriminated against because my color wasn't 'the right one'. I thought if I looked like Barbie, everything would have been better.Now I am 20 y/o, I'm pretty happy with my looks (when I am in a good mood). I love being who I am and even though being black is part of me, it doesn't define me. Don't let those idiots redefine your identity just because they've got their paradigms all wrong.Yesterday I experienced racism, which was something that didn't happen to me since preschool. It didn't change me, it just made me worry about the world. How come people still think color is a huge factor of niceness/attractiveness in people? So anyway, I'm telling you: don't hang out with ANY of them. They don't deserve you. You can still be with them but it's gonna be hard and you're going to end up with a lot of hatred inside...Or you can learn to be independent and it's gonna be equally hard but you'll know what you're standing up for: the liberty of being true to yourself and not buying other idiots' crap.Good luck sweetie. I sincerely hope you'll grow out to be a nice person inspite of all of this.

thanks for the encouraging word sadly my school is small so i have no choice in weather i wanna see these people or not but i no longer sit with them and i barly talk to them unless they talk to me (just to be polite) im not fully to the point of accepting my self but im getting there :)