Childhood In A Different Country

I unlike the rest of my family, I am a Jewish Israeli girl who chose to go to public school. On my first day of school, I was going to second grade I walked in, I had only taken English for a year but I was trying. I sat down and because I come in the middle of the year, we were talking about Christmas and reading Christmas stories, coloring Christmas pictures and stuff like that. It was only then I think I realized I didn't look like the other kids, my hair was too curly, my nose too big, but I didn't mind. When the teacher asked us individually what our favorite thing about Christmas was. I asked her what Christmas was, I had never experienced it before. And before the teacher could answer, some stuck-up girl looked at me and told me it was the day baby Jesus was born and that I was an idiot. I asked her who Baby Jesus was and she told me I was going to hell because I didn't believe. I began to cry, I didn't want to go to hell I didn't realize what I did wrong. Ever since then, I was ostracized and left alone because I was different.
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This school must be in Arkansas or South Carolina