White People Get Judged Too

I was taught growing up that everyone is the same underneath and that racism is wrong. I assumed most of my friends were raised the same, but growing up I realised that was not true.I have always had friends from different races and I have always been attracted to guys who are not white.When I started working at a former job, I was surrounded by mexican women and I was one of only three white people there. They were all nice to me, but the youngest one told me that they all said I would only last two weeks Cuz white people are lazy.Then she held up an apple box and told me what it was and how to use it.I was so angry and offended!After I told her I knew my way around an apple box,I worked my *** off to prove I was not what they thought. I ended up outlasting most of them but I also gained their respect and friendship.That was the first time I experiencd it firsthand.It was not nice and I dont like being around people who discriminate like that.
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Racism often finds its home in those who are unable to recognize it or in those that don't think it's a 'big deal'.<br />
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Well put Theonirvana!

I'm quarter Jamaican, half Scottish and quarter English, and I'm the racist of the group. It's great. I let my friends make whatever comments they like about my race, and I do the same. One of my mates even calls me 'Token', and he says stuff like 'Damn, I've lost the n***er! I payed money for that!' I don't take offence to racism, but I wish people would lighten up about it slightly. I don't support racism, but if people were a bit more mellow about it, there would be fewer wars.

That's just pitiful as ALL racism is, but i have to admit due to my *white* ignotance, i haven't a cluww what an applw box is. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

thats not white nothing. you just dont know what an apple box is. its an easy fix.

Good going girl! show them white folks can work hard.