One of Those Days...

It was one of those days where EVERYTHING WENT WRONG!!!!

To cope I decide to go to Starbucks (yes i know-lol) and see some old friends and get away...

My luck- the new girl walks up to take my order (sigh).  I didnt catch her name but she is your average blond blue eyed soroity sister (more like Brittney off of the MTV show Daria). Being her overly-exaggerated, bubbly & friendly self,she decides to engage in a little small talk while she is making my drink. Everythings ok until she asks that question in that certain way: 

Where are you from???

-well for those of you who aren't aware, I was born in Texas and I have lived here for the 21 years I have been on this earth...-

My response? " i live a few blocks away from here." 

 She looks at me and says..."no you dont look like you are from this side of the world...i mean you are white, but know what i mean? You dont look like me...where are you really from?"

How do you respond to such blatant ignorant stupidity??? What amazes me is that this girl represents a great majority of the people in this country...did she not realize that America is only a couple hundred years old and her ancestors are not "from this side of the world"? 

I took my drink and left...some people are just not worth your time.


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On a lighter side of the subject......<br />
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A group of girlfriends and I were on a vacation in Atlanta, we went to a fancy restuarant for dinner and we were dressed in our sexiest outfits. Upon arrival the first thing we noticed was that everyone in there was white, we didnt care. The hostess came over to seat our party of eight, she sat us in a large room in the back of the building. Of course we thought something was funny, she was polite and provided us with excellent service that all but one of us apprciated. There is always that one out of the bunch that has " to go there". She was so rude to the waitress to the point that a few of us had to put her in her place. She just went on and on about us being placed in the back because we were black. Long story short, had we been paying attention to the sign posted at the entrance which read " Proper attire Required" this all could have been avoided. They didnt even have to let us in to the place because we were far from properly dressed.

Contrary to my grandmother's teachings, I have always worked to look at others through God's eyes. I have had many friends from all sorts of backgrounds whom I love dearly. But, it always seems that when postings about racist treatment comes up, it's always the white people who are treated as stupid, intolerant racists. You all can be as shocked and mad as you want to be, but I can give you as many instances where I have been treated poorly because I'm white as non-whites can. I have heard all sorts of stereotypes said to and in front of me about white people that are just not true. All of you who have ugly things to say about ANY group of people need to honestly assess that you are being just as racist as the people you are talking about. Rise above it instead of making it worse.


I am Asian born in Canada and A LOT of people ask me 'Where Are you From?' I am pretty tolerant about it though. <br />
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You should just ask them the same question. The look on their faces are funny haha

As an Asian American man, I am damn sure that I get asked this question of where I am from more than any other race of Americans, including Afrian Americans.<br />
<br />
Asian American men in America is essentially made to feel invisible and Part of Nothing in America.<br />
<br />
Part of the Nation? I am not holding my breath.

I think these ignorant people were absent the day their history class talked about America being "the melting pot of the world." Ignorant people aren't worth your time.

That is terrible, comprehensive2, :-(. It's really heartbreaking to me and unforgiveable for someone to be so nasty and racist to someone for no apparent reason. Especially to a CHILD. It makes me very upset....I have experienced so much racism as a child because I am multi-ethnic. People tried so hard to make me hate myself and they were very close to succeeding at some point in my life. Just recently I have decided to embrace myself because I realize that I am an individual, and nobody can take that away from me. <br />
Your story makes me so sad, it brings back bad memories. :'( Do me a favor and give your baby a hug for me.

I know where you're coming from. I was in a Greyhound bus station in St Roberts MO with 4 white patrons and after using the facilities I was "escorted" outside. I turned and noticed that the white patrons were sitting down or standing and I asked if I could remain inside until everyone had to leave and he told me no so I said Oh so only the negro has to go outside and he said yes that's how it is and closed the door in my face and locked it. I filed a complaint with the corporate office and his excuse for taking me outside was that he was CLOSED! They bought it. The civil rights group that I went to about it bought it too. Apparently when a business is CLOSED it's only CLOSED to African Americans and not whites if they are in same said business together. Closed to ME but not to THEM. The white person that I was traveling with was inside with the rest of them and didn't have a clue as to why I was outside like I was until I told him what happened. He thought I'd went out into 34 degree weather by choice! I've experienced racism my entire life. What happened to you is bad but one more incident, this one involving my then 9 year old son. A white man in his mid 50's told my 9 year old baby to go back to Africa. Just like that. My child was looking at toys a little way from me as I was checking out. He came to me crying and I asked him what happened thinking that a employee may have told him to leave the toys alone and he told me what that man had said to him. Absolutely unbelievable. No provocation, no reason, and even if there had been my son was 9. The man was obviously a COWARD because he said this to an innocent child. He didn't say it to me and certainly would not have said it to a grown African American man. Who has the right to hate? Who has EARNED the right to hate? But then who's the one doing the hating? Who's doing the hurting? People need to think about that.

Im truly sorry about your sons experience. That man is a coward. Its a shame to think such racism still exists.

It's so sad to hear that a grown man in his age can say something like that to an innocent little child. He is truly a coward.

The ignorance of some people in this country truly is sad. I can't tolerate racism in any form. I'm a social person so I like to socialize with everyone, especially those of different races because I'm always open to new things and seeing the world from different points of view. I know I went a bit off the topic but my point is that I wish people were more openminded to people and things different from what they know.

It never seems to amaze me how ignorant some people really are. I am Africian American and should be used to it by now. You did the right thing by just leaving, the next person she decides to ask that question to might not be so willing to just walk away.

Now you know what I experience on a regular basis, hah.<br />
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People always ask me "where are you from?" and I answer "New Jersey." It's none of their business, really.

Wow. What ignorance, to assume that anyone that doesn't look just like her must not be American. Perhaps she was just wondering what part of the world your ancestors were from, but the way she acted like there was no way you could just be from America is prejudice.