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I was shopping with a friend who was about to buy a purse.  She was asking if it was the last one since there was a slight flaw in it, when the clerk says to us "oh, it's good. It's made in your home country."

And so I asked him, "And what country is that?"  Both my friend and I thinking he better say Canada.

"Either Philippines or China," he replies.

We left the purse and walked out of the store.
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10 Responses Aug 3, 2006

this is so wrong people should not be racist just because of the way someone looks

dnt see anything wrong


in reply to dayum well at least the man? did speak most just ****** thr money and go. ina echo of miss julie.......what is wrong with looking oriental? it seems to me the some foreigners seek offence wear non is intended bold and rude! smh

So .. what's wrong with being Philipino or Chinese? Why did you take offense? ... Let's say two blue-eyed blondes were to buy a purse and the clerk says "It was made in your home country" ... and he said Sweden or Scandanavia ... Would the blue-eyed blondes take offense? I don't think so.<br />
Some people just look to be offended....

I think you should tell the manager about that.... What's that supposed to mean?

Don't worry, I have run into people like that on numerous occasions and what it says is this: He knows that he is about to be fired in the not to distant future. He is history. Count on it.

that is so dam stupid! argh! wat a jerk!

Wow. Absolutely ridiculous. Did you file a complaint? What store is it?