Racist Family

I like this girl who happens to be of Mexican heritage. I have been going out with her for a little while now. Well she's not racist but her brothers are openly racist. They say they don't want a half breed for a nephew. It's pretty mean the stuff they say to her about me. It's like they are just being racist for the sake of being racist cause now that they know I'm part Cuban they dislike Cubans and refer to them as communists... something I have nothing to do with. They call me a white trash cracker and it's pretty bad. I happen to hang out with Latinos and I speak Spanish so I don't see why they insist I stay away from her. It's really bad cause her parents say that they have to keep her safe. This is starting to worry me cause it seems like the racism has gotten to her some level and she's treating me different.  Plus the whole Mexican pride thing isn't helping right now. I don't think it's fair for me to be judged on my skin color and want to be able to go out with who I want to.
Toby Toby
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 20, 2007

You should shove anti racism stuff through their letter box or do something manly with the brothers and beat them at it and then they should accept you or at least respect you a bit more or see if you can become friendly with their family friends or get other Mexicans to accept you and show this openly to the family and well that should help. Anyways thats what i'd do ...good luck :)